Facebook predator charged with molesting 11-year-old girl

Facebook messages lead to arrest of accused molester:


Michael “Not Macho” Camacho

37-year-old Michael Camacho of Orlando, Florida, has been charged with allegedly molesting an 11-year-old girl. The crime itself is said to have taken place at a community pool but Camacho was caught when the girl’s mother found messages from Camacho in the girl’s Facebook.

The mother of the victim was going to cut off her daughter’s Facebook privileges for bad grades, when she noticed something disturbing. An older man was messaging her daughter that she was “cute and getting cuter,” the police report said.

Like I said the crime did not take place on Facebook but how many times do I have to tell people 11 YEAR-OLDS DO NOT BELONG ON FACEBOOK. You might as well leave your kids’ bedroom windows open with a sign that says ‘pedophiles welcome’.


  1. This is some of the scum Walt Disney Co brought into the USA . Zionist Jews like Disney destroyed California and Florida . Today these Jews along with druggie homo Obama are robbing and destroying the USA .


      • Disney Faces $400,000 Fine for Illegal Workers : Employment: Company officials meet with INS representatives to discuss the recommended penalty. The park says most violations found in random check involve record-keeping.


      • Immigration and Naturalization Service agents recommended the huge fine late last month because of 1,156 violations that were found when investigators attempted to examine the files of more than 6,000 employees at Disneyland. The INS said that 55 Disneyland workers were fired during the course of its 14-month investigation.


      • A illegal Mexican molested six kids at Dixie Stampede in TN and another illegal raped a murdered a girl in her hotel your . His wife was a maid and gave him a master key . THANKS DISNEY !


          • The white molesters are usually LEGAL American Citizen . But , yes there are a lot of white trash in the the USA . Walt Disney theme parks had a bunch of pedophiles working for them . This is what happens when porn is exploited .


          • Check out who are in the over 400 gangs in Central Fl . Hispanics have destroyed Fl . Also check out the prisons in Fl . The biggest racist in the USA are blacks and Hispanics .


      • I think your wife washes it for him…she is the only one with a ‘real job’!


  2. I see you are attracting the intellectual elite with this one Trench.

    You ever wonder how some people’s age to tie their shoes everyday without hanging themselves?


  3. Is there anything saying this child molester douche-bag was an illegal alien working for Disney???? How did we get on this weird tangent????


      • Wasn’t Walt Disney a Nazi? I don’t get the connection to “zionist Jews” and I’m not sure I follow how Zionism either encourages or discourages people jumping the border. Then again I never understood the “fire doesn’t melt steel” theories about 9/11 since fire was used to shape the steel beams that later melted in a fire.


  4. What’s going on in these comments? Oh I know. These are probably Echols fans looking to get your blog pulled down by flooding it with offensive comments they will later report as hate speech to your host and ad services. Paulnuts did the same thing to me a few years ago.

    I mean, I guess it’s possible these are weed smoking trailer trash in your comments but they’re hitting all those Alex Jonesy buzzwords. Zionist this, Obama that.

    Or maybe they work for six flags?


  5. Im embarrassed just sharing the same name with this POS. Better not come to NY bitch.


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