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I received the following e-mail from someone who is obviously confused about what website this is…

I have been reading your posts. Much of what you write about is so generic and lacks details. Some of it is outright wrong. You are simply not telling the full story. For example, a sting you wrote about involved Perverted Justice. What you failed to tell people was that one of the PJ decoys went after the guy for a year and invited him 5 different times to meet. She was also connected to the Enron fraud scandal in California and has a history of mental illness. In real cases of abuse, the victim does not pursue someone for a year and invite the attacker five times to meet. You also failed to mention that not one of the people entrapped had a previous record. You also failed to tell the public that the town who set the men up only had 1,000 people in it and prior to that never had an incident of abuse. Now, why would a town that small, want to attract predators? Could their be other motives?

Sorry, I had to interrupt here for a second. I mean talk about generic and lacking details. Maybe I should have used the Irony Police graphic.

You often write about your own mental illness. You try to act like you are concerned for people. I understand that you are trying to make yourself feel better by your blogs and tweets. Trying to undo some wrong done to you. But you are actually doing more harm than good. Don’t you realize that you are now the one causing damage to people? Don’t you see the common thread in Perverted Justice, yourself, and those who follow you? All of you have mental illnesses. Unchecked mental illnesses. Just look at your comments!! All of you have mental illnesses.

Don’t you even wonder why all these internet stings are becoming more prevalent? It is because they are cheap, easy, and really nothing has to be proved. You don’t have to prove a single thing. You are just setting people up. Meanwhile, real cases of abuse involving real people are getting ignored. In fact, people like Perverted Justice are the real predators. Why do you think they refuse to turn over their computer equipment and only give the police chat transcripts in MS Word? Why do you think they are so secretive? It is because they are using their activities to cover up what they are doing. Do you even know the backgrounds of the people in that group? Their connection to crime and abuse? The fact the founder himself was brought up on sex charges?

You want to stop child abuse? Motivate your local cop to go down to a women’s shelter and start researching real cases of abuse. Real victims of abuse don’t pursue their attackers. They don’t invite their attackers to meet.

What you are writing is going to get an innocent person killed. In fact, by looking at some of the names you write about, I think you might have already done that. Stop writing about suicide. What you have written in your poorly researched and biased articles has driven people to suicide. The very thing you claim to abhor.

I hope you can live with other people’s suicides on your conscious.

For those of you who may not remember Perverted Justice is/was (are they still around?) a band of internet vigilantes trying to rid the internet of pedophiles and predators. By now you should know how I feel about internet vigilantes but occasionally PJ not only worked with law enforcement as the e-mail writer mentions above but they also worked with the one and only Chris Hansen during the “To Catch a Predator” series of reports on NBC.

But just like he accuses me of being his accusations are not only lacking details but also lacking any proof. I at least link to media reports from which I make my commentary.

Here’s the punchline though. I checked the archives and I haven’t even mentioned PJ in six years. It sounds like to me that someone got busted and rather than taking responsibility blames their problems on PJ.

By the way nice try in trying to guilt me but I had an Irish-Catholic mother. Your guilt trips mean nothing to me.

This e-mail probably stems from all the other pedo-defenders that have shown up recently.

9 thoughts on “We get letters: You know this isn’t Perverted Justice right?

  1. Venice Jackson Miller says:

    I’ve been wondering what was wrong with me all these years. I have an unchecked mental illness.


  2. Muggle says:

    What the hell is this idiot talking about? The PJ decoy was attacked by a pedo at some point, and kept trying to meet him 5 times? Or was posing as a child who agreed to meet the guy 5 times, and the pedo-defender is calling BS on that? I’m confused.

    Also, “mental illness” includes depression, anxiety, OCD and other “minor” conditions that don’t lead to attention-seeking or compulsive lying. Most people with mental illness are more-or-less normal and functional it is no reason to doubt someone’s credibility. People who pull the “she’s mentally ill” card are assholes who pretend to be concerned about people with mental illness but ultimately abuse them and use their illness as a weapon against them.


    1. It’s just another tactic that they use to try and gain legitimacy for wanting to have sex with minors.


      1. Muggle says:

        Yeah, pretty much. I mean, it’s reasonable to question age of consent laws as well as their enforcement, but anyone who spouts ignorant bullshit about the other side’s mental health is a dick and a pedo-defender.


  3. RadioChuck says:

    Can you live w/a pedo’s suicide on your “conscious”? Well, can you?? LOL


    1. I sure can. Just one though?


  4. “By the way nice try in trying to guilt me but I had an Irish-Catholic mother. Your guilt trips mean nothing to me.”

    Priceless, Trench! LOL

    Probably due to the fact the ‘tard doesn’t have nearly the training your mother had! I have an Irish-Catholic grandmother and yeah, after developing an immunity of sorts to that technique I found other fostered guilt attempts received an jaded response from me.


    1. Yeah, it’s hard to feel guilty about much when you’ve been at the feet of the master.


  5. Buffettgirl says:

    Speaking of mental illness… the writer of this email should have a mental health evaluation STAT! I have an older brother who is paranoid schizophrenic so I’m actually not saying that lightly. Wow – what a bunch of boring, useless, blame-filled bullshit meant only to make the unstable author feel better about his/her sad pathetic life.


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