Bad girlfriend stages fake rape and claims amnesia in toddler's murder

Melinda Lynn Muniz

Father’s girlfriend charged in Plano toddler’s death:

This story is so fucking bizarre I have no clue on how to describe it but I’m going to try.

First to set the stage so to speak 25-year-old Melinda Lynn Muniz of Plano, Texas has been arrested for the murder of 2-year-old Grace Lillian Ford. Muniz was engaged to Grace’s father and was caring for Grace during the day. Grace’s father and Muniz were in the process of breaking up.

Apparently Muniz didn’t take the news to well as she allegedly went to a dollar store and bought duct tape and cable ties while Grace was with her. Later that day Muniz called Grace’s father to make it sound like something had happened at their home. The father then called police who found Muniz on the floor bound, gagged, and partially disrobed. They found Grace in her bedroom in a similar state but also not breathing. Grace was on life support for three days after finally succumbing to the trauma of suffocation.

Muniz told a tale of an intruder all in black who sexually assaulted her as she was losing consciousness. Muniz told police several conflicting details with some really bad acting.

“Muniz sat up at one point and fell to the floor as if she had fainted; however, [an officer] noted that Muniz’s eyelids were moving and it appeared to her that Muniz was forcing her eyes closed,” according to the affidavit.

Not only that but while Grace was in the hospital dying Muniz checked into the ER at the same hospital saying she didn’t remember the last year of her life.

Police did investigate her story but they pretty much knew who the real killer was.

Is it me or does her plan sound straight out of a bad soap opera? Who in the hell actually gets amnesia outside of soap operas, video games and Gilligan’s Island? I’m surprised she didn’t try to say that it was her evil twin on the surveillance video at the dollar store. This would almost be comical if a 2-year-old girl didn’t die in one of the most horrible ways possible.

And again we have some random idiot who thinks that she can outsmart the police, forensic investigators and trained medical personnel. You can’t. You’re not that smart. You’re one person against an army. All it takes is for one of them to see through your bullshit. You couldn’t get that weak shit past a third-grader even if you told them you were Dora The Explorer.

Since this is Texas I hope they put her in the express checkout lane. Or in true soap opera fashion maybe they should have her fall off a cliff or something.

Thanks to Amanda for the tip.

Will wonders never cease: Texas man confesses on the stand

Capital Murder Confession:


Please check out the fascinating article by journalist Alex Wukman that I posted the link to above.

Do you know how I’m always saying just once I wish one of these murderous troglodytes would actually admit to their crimes? You know, like the ones who shoot several people in front of witnesses then pleads not guilty? Well, it seems one man on trial for capital murder did just that.

Darrell Wayne Parker was facing a possible death sentence, in Texas no less, for the shooting deaths of his mother and stepfather, Cathy Youngblood and Charles Youngblood. Parker seemed to be the type who couldn’t keep his nose clean and ended up having to live with his folks. He got into it with his stepfather when Parker didn’t do some chores that Mr. Youngblood asked him to so Parker gunned down Mr. Youngblood and his own mother who just happened to have breast cancer.

Parker pleaded not guilty but while testifying admitted to the crime.

“We all agree you are guilty of capital murder,” Nelson Barnes, prosecuting attorney, had asked Parker. A “yes, sir” then stumbled out of Parker’s mouth.

I would have paid good money to see the virtual aneurysm his defense attorney had. Subsequently, Parker was sentenced to life without parole.

Not surprisingly there are plans to appeal but those plans seem to come from his attorney and not Parker himself at least that’s how it’s being portrayed in the press.

As usual, I’m not doing the article justice so I urge you to go read it in its entirety.

Florida TV station gives time to craigslist creeper defenders

10 Investigates: law enforcement may have entrapped alleged sexual predators:

Maybe WTSP stands for We Tolerate Suspected Pedophiles.

Yesterday I posted about the sweep in Pinellas County, Florida that resulted in the arrests of 35 alleged online child predators including yet another craigslist creeper.

In that post I alluded to the fact that there are a group of people, and I use that term loosely, who claim that suspects like this are just innocent men that have been entrapped by the greedy and sinister forces of Florida law enforcement. They’ve tried pushing their agenda at this site which you can see here, here and here.

Apparently they got tired of spamming my site with their pro-predator propaganda (actually I banned them) because now they’ve decided to go straight to the media. It seems that WTSP in Tampa actually fell for their line of bullcrap and gave them some pub on their website…

But a Florida man, who says he responded to the officers’ Craigslist ad, sent 10 News an alleged e-mail chain that indicates law enforcement is willing to bend, or break, their own ICAC guidelines to get “targets” to talk about sex with children

Here is the so-called evidence this anonymous Florida man presented…

140129054656_REDACTED – Alleged Sex Sting Chat Log


I’m convinced. There’s no way that any of that documentation could have possibly been faked. Except that it can by any moron with a word processing app and a modicum of knowledge.

I can almost guaran-damn-tee that it’s the same bunch of assclowns who descended on this site. You can tell because not only are they using the exact same rhetoric they used here…

You are creating an illegal police sting utilizing ADULT websites where you can not prove predisposition. I also know that these stings are financially motivated and you are creating crimes that otherwise do not happen and catching innocent men. Where does this type of sting fall into the ICAC standards?

Some of them are even using the same screen names in the article’s comments section.

Again they are probably nothing more than a loose coalition of losers who got busted in one of the many predator stings in Florida trying to use any means possible to try to legitimize and rationalize their behavior.

WTSP should be ashamed that they even entertained these cretins even for a moment.

Sex offender stole wi-fi to try to contact victim

Sex offender jailed over online chat attempt with his victim:

Shawn Piercefield

Shawn Piercefield

This may be a worst case scenario but this is why you don’t leave your wi-fi unprotected.

26-year-old Shawn Piercefield of Indianapolis is a registered sex offender. He’s on probation for felony charges of soliciting a child for sex. As part of his probation he’s not supposed to be on the internet. Then again how many RSOs actually follow their probation guidelines?

During a routine check of his house officers found a cell phone that Piercefield was allegedly using in order to try to contact his victim over the mobile messaging app Kik. With Kik you need an internet connection, either you cell phone’s data connection or wi-fi. Piercefield was said to be using his neighbors wi-fi to try to get to his victim.

By the way that’s a probation violation and back to jail he goes. Maybe if they kept creepers like this in jail in the first place instead of giving them suspended sentences we wouldn’t have as many of these incidents.

Accused killer of Danvers High teacher gets additional rape charge

Chism Indicted on Additional Count of Rape in Ritzer Murder:

Philip Chism

Philip Chism

Previously 14-year-old Philip Chism was charged with the rape and murder of his teacher, 24-year-old Colleen Ritzer of Danvers High School in Danvers, Massachusetts. At that time the rape charge stemmed from accusations that Chism raped her with a tree branch. Now investigators are saying that Chism also raped her in the ‘traditional’ sense.

Chism has been charged as an adult in the murder but as a youthful offender in the rapes. Why? Is raping a woman once then again with a tree branch any less heinous than slashing her throat and leaving her to die? If you’re going to charge him as an adult, as he should be, try him as an adult for all his charges and not some half-assed blended charges.

UPDATE 1/30/2014: Chism has pleaded not guilty to the latest rape charge.

UPDATE 8/14/2014: Chism will now officially be tried as an adult for Colleen Ritzer’s rape and murder.

Florida craigslist creeper caught in latest predator sweep

Did you ever notice that the initials for ‘Welcome to Florida’ are WTF?

35 men arrested in Pinellas sex sweep:

35 men have been arrested in a multi-agency online predator sweep called “Operation Home Alone” in Pinellas County, Florida. While I’d love to talk about all of them I’m only going to focus on the one that fits a recurring topic on this site.

28-year-old James King of Tampa allegedly posted an ad on craigslist where the ad asked “Are there any women out there into family love?” If you’re new to this site or don’t engage in this kind of depravity ‘family love’ is internet perv code for wanting to have sex with your kids. 34 other suspects were arrested after they all allegedly sought similar activities. Luckily instead they were all met by law enforcement. Also as I’ve said before since so many of these scumbags are being caught how many are going unnoticed by police.

The response was overwhelming, said Anthony Holloway, chief of the Clearwater Police Department, which was involved in the operation. One detective had 40 people make overtures toward her within five minutes of getting online.

“It was like shooting fish in a barrel,” Holloway said. “We didn’t expect that many people to hit on us that quickly.”

EVen though some would have you believe that these fine upstanding men have all been entrapped and this is just a money grab by Florida police. I mean there can’t possibly be this many men who are into child sex out there?

The truth is yes there are and one of the major drawbacks of our online age is that they now have easier access to their prey. Luckily law enforcement is working actively to get many of them behind bars where they belong.

SC man charged with Backpage rapes

Man accused of raping two women he met online in North Charleston motel rooms:

Rodney Sherard Edwards

23-year-old Rodney Sherard Edwards of St. George, South Carolina is accused of raping two women in North Charleston. He is said to have found both women on Backpage and stormed their hotel rooms where he allegedly raped and then robbed them.

The first victim is 18-years-old and admitted to police that she was working as an escort. The second victim was a 29-year-old woman who was not mentioned as an escort but she was robbed of three cell phones which can indicate working in prostitution. Why am I mentioning that the victims could be prostitutes? It’s not to demonize the victims but to show the pitfalls of not only prostitution but advertising on backpage. Even if these women weren’t being trafficked they still have to deal with violent psychopaths like this. Some prostitutes seem to think that advertising on a site like Backpage is safer than walking the streets. It isn’t.

Missing Ohio college student killed by Backpage/Craigslist hook up

Gay College Student From Ohio Is Latest Murder Victim:

‪Local man murdered in Portage County‬:

Convicted killer’s brother arrested after authorities find body in apartment:

John R. Fox

22-year-old Justin Earley was last seen December 30th leaving Alliance, Ohio, where he lived. His body was recently discovered at the home of 34-year-old John R. Fox of Kent, Ohio. While the cause of death has yet to be revealed what is known is that Earley was probably killed the same night he was last seen and his body had allegedly been in Fox’s house ever since. It’s believed that Justin Earley may have been cruising on either Backpage or craigslist depending on the news source.

Like I’ve said before, gay, straight or whatever I don’t care. If you’re looking for a date or no strings attached sex on craigslist you’re inviting trouble on yourself. Its userbase is no longer the friendly laid back San Francisco types that it started out as and backpage has always just been a home to predators and criminals. While the alleged killer is ultimately responsible for the murder, why put yourself in that situation to begin with?

Mother jailed after battering baby son to death and then taking a selfie next to him

(Thanks to Cobalt Rose for the post)

Mother jailed for life for battering her baby then posing for a selfie as he lay dying:

On March 20th 2011, Callum Wilson was rushed to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, England, suffering from ‘catastrophic’ injuries. Unfortunately, he had suffered severe brain damage and did not survive. An autopsy would later reveal that Callum had also suffered nine broken ribs and two broken limbs.

Callum Wilson was 11 months old.

On January 24th 2014, little Callum’s own incubator, 25-year-old Emma Wilson, was jailed for life for battering her son to death. She denied murder, but was found guilty by a unanimous verdict. After brutally battering her baby, she then took a ‘selfie’, grinning as she posed next to her son, whose severe injuries were plain to see in the pictures.

Initially, Wilson claimed that it was Callum’s two-year old brother who had caused the injuries (a classic excuse used by almost all child abusing scumbags), but luckily the police saw through her lies.

Reading through Callum’s tragic life story, it is plain to see that this vile hag never wanted nor cared for him. She abandoned him in hospital shortly after his birth, and Callum was raised in foster care for the first seven months of his life. She allegedly put him up for adoption because her boyfriend ‘couldn’t cope’ with having two children. Here’s an idea then, you sick, sick cow: STOP GETTING PREGNANT. She also told everyone that Callum was her cousin’s son. She took him out of foster care in November of 2010 (why social services allowed this, I have no clue. It is evident that she did not care one iota about this child) and brought him to live with her and her other son in her Windsor flat. Just four months later, she killed him. Neighbours living in the flat below reported that, on the night before Callum was rushed to hospital, they heard five or six loud bangs that caused the ceiling to shake. This was Wilson striking her baby son. She hit him so hard, the ceiling shook with the force of the blows. Vile, evil hag.

The face of evil: Emma Wilson, 25

Nobody is quite sure just why this ‘mother’ decided to treat her son in such an appalling way. According to the judge, she seemed to be a ‘good’ mother to her older child, yet ‘rejected’ Callum and seemingly resented him. Her defence barrister claims that she was accused of killing her son because she knew that her current boyfriend was not Callum’s father. Maybe she just wanted to abuse somebody who she knew wouldn’t be able to speak up or defend himself. I don’t know who the mind a monster works, and that’s just what Emma Wilson is. A monster who deserves to burn in Hell for all eternity. To add even further insult to Callum, she decided to have him buried in a communal, unmarked grave. It seems like she cared about her son in death as much as she cared about him in life. Not at all.

Philly charter school shooter feared assault police say

Teenage boy who shot 2 classmates in Philadelphia school bought gun only moments before from a former student because ‘he was going to be assaulted’:


I hate using the Daily Mail as a source. 99% of the time they’re a fear mongering and pearl twisting tabloid. But in that 1% when they actually decide to practice journalism they’re really good at it.

Anyway Philadelphia police are saying that the gunman at the Delaware Valley Charter High School shooting, 17-year-old Raisheem Rochwell, allegedly purchased the gun moments before the shooting took place. Police are also saying that Rochwell bought the gun because he feared he was going to be the victim of an after school assault. Except it was shortly after the gun traded hands when a shot was fired striking two other students. It’s not known if either of the two victims were his intended targets or if the gun went off accidentally.

Rochwell’s attorney is still proclaiming his client’s innocence…

Rochwell ‘is not the person who will ultimately be responsible for this act,’ said lawyer Amato Sanita, who added that anything that may have happened was not ‘intentional’.

It sounds like they’re going for the accidental discharge defense.

The man accused of selling Rochwell the gun, 18-year-old Donte Walker, has also been arrested. Walker is a former student of the school.

UPDATE 6/30/2014: Walker was sentenced to 6-23 months in prison while Rochwell was given 2 years in juvie.