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Heath Campbell. Why yes that is a Hitler mustache and a swastika tattoo.

Neo-Nazi demands child welfare workers return his baby girl named Eva Braun:

If you’ve been following this site for a while I’m sure you remember the story of one Heath Campbell. In 2008 he had his kids taken away by New Jersey DYFS. He came on their radar after it was reported that a local supermarket wouldn’t put Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler on a birthday cake. You see, Adolf Hitler was the name of one of Campbell’s kids, He named his other kids in that family after Nazi leaders and ideals as well. DYFS took the kids away claiming abuse in the home and not the Nazi names they’d been given although I’ll always argue that giving kids names like that is a form of abuse, but I digress.

It seems that Campbell has had another kid taken away again and yet again it was named after a Nazi icon. This time it was a girl named Eva Braun. For those of you who have lapsed on your World War II history, Eva Braun was Hitler’s girlfriend and very shortly his wife before the pair committed suicide. And again it wasn’t because of the Nazi name. The child was taken because Campbell’s new baby mama had her previous child taken as well.

But get this, Campbell has had nine kids by five women and has custody of none of them to which he flippantly replies “Well, I’ll stop making them when they stop taking them.”

Dude, you’re on disability and couldn’t even afford to go see your daughter before she was taken. You have no business having kids and not because you’re a Nazi but more because you’re an irresponsible trailer trash dumbass.

And I guess it’s still lost on him that if he had lived in Hitler’s Germany he would have been exterminated for being ‘disabled’.

17 thoughts on “Our favorite New Jersey Nazi is back in the news: "I’ll stop making them when they stop taking them."

  1. Sassafras says:

    Can I please punch this motherfucking piece of shit in the face?


    1. AC says:

      I’ll hold your coat. This guy is a particular “favorite” of mine. It galls me that my tax dollars go to to pay for this loser and his nazi uniforms. I wish he was a piñata and I had a big stick!


  2. Aussie Sabbath says:

    Maybe he should follow in the footsteps of his beloved Fuhrer and shoot himself in the face.


  3. Alexandra1973 says:

    In and of itself there’s nothing wrong with the name Adolf, but I’d be extremely reluctant to name a child after such an evil person.


    1. Buffettgirl says:

      I’ve always felt very sorry for all of those baby boys born in Germany before and during the war that were named Adolf. Growing up an Adolf right after the defeat of Germany must have been awful!


      1. Alexandra1973 says:

        Yeah. You have to kind of separate the name from the actions associated with it.

        Of course this dimwit is doing the opposite.


        1. Buffettgirl says:

          Oh I know… being a 43 year old woman named “Carrie” has been a ton of fun… especially around prom time. Seriously, with the remake movie having been released I am getting dumb “blood/prom/Carrie” jokes ALL OVER AGAIN! I do so appreciate Mr. King destroying my name four years AFTER I was born… 😉


  4. Lucy says:

    Fortunately, Eva is a lovely, normal name. As long as her foster carers forget all about the Braun until it can be legally dropped, she should be fine. Well, except for sharing DNA with her loser bio-parents, that is. And the whole being in foster care bit. Which if she could be freed for adoption soon enough to still be adoptable would be a good thing. But you know this asshole will drag the TPR out as far as he possibly can, even though he has no chance of parenting her and probably doesn’t even want to, because then he’d lose his excuse to whine to the media about how the Evil State is stealing his children because he is a Nazi.


  5. jadecrowe says:

    i’m stunned that this fucktard got laid once much less 9 times. i just threw up a little.


  6. Tanya Powers says:

    Children are a possession to him, not a living breathing individual soul. If he can’t have them, no one can. I pray that fertile women stay far away from this man.


    1. Alexandra1973 says:

      Vasectomy. Or better yet castration.

      Take that Nazi ideology and apply it to him…you know, the less-fit shouldn’t breed….


      1. APV83 says:

        How does he not have STIs when he sleeps with that many women? Castration is what he deserves, but a V would certainly help.


  7. rh1985 says:

    How does this creep keep finding women to sleep with him? Gross….


    1. Aussie Sabbath says:

      He’s probably paying them with his fake “disability” pension.


  8. Buffettgirl says:

    I’d pull an Adolf and shoot myself in the head before I let this cretin anywhere near my nekkid body… **gack**


  9. ozzyinch says:

    actually, he would have been exterminated for being a parasite of the state


  10. The_Shadow_Knows says:

    “I’ll stop making them when they stop taking them.”

    The man’s a veritable Shakespeare. It makes me want to write a little poem about his teeth: “I’ll stop hitting them when he stops spitting them.”


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