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Arapahoe High School ahooting victim Claire Davis

Arapahoe High School ahooting victim Claire Davis

while I was taking some downtime from the blog another school shooting happened. This was the shooting at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado on December 13th. The media were quick to point out the school’s proximity to Columbine. I believe the actual distance is 8 miles while the media made it out to be like the school was next door to Columbine. While even I’ll admit that suburban Colorado has had an inordinate amount of shootings in some of its schools since Columbine it’s all been coincidence. But I digress.

On the 13th, 18-year-old Karl Pierson stormed the school armed with a shotgun, machete and Molotov cocktails. Reports say that he was looking for his debate team coach Tracy Murphy. He fired 3 rounds from his shotgun, one that struck 17-year-old Clare Davis. Ms. Davis was originally taken to the hospital in critical condition but later succumbed to her wounds 9 days later. After being unable to quickly find Murphy, Pierson took the coward’s way out by shooting himself.

As usual after the shooting a better picture of Pierson’s motive emerged but so did a familiar pattern by the media. Take this article from CNN for example. They were already setting up for the bullying angle.

One neighbor described him as bright but a social misfit whose peers ridiculed him. His mother had transferred him from another high school because of the mockery and altercations, the neighbor said.

Surprisingly however prior to that paragraph they published why Pierson may have been ‘ridiculed’. Pierson is said to have been a self-admitted communist who felt the need to always be on the winning end of an argument. You put those two things together and it’s more than likely that people just thought he was a jerk. That’s not ridicule or bullying if you invite it on yourself.

It’s said that Pierson was looking for revenge against his debate team coach. Could it be that the snowflake finally lost an argument or was told that one of his points was factually incorrect? It seems to me that Pierson was just another self-entitled brat who couldn’t handle his own inadequacies and decided to resort to violence instead. Sadly for his hubris an innocent 17-year-old girl who had nothing to do with the situation is dead. As always these cowards like Pierson only inflict misery on the innocent at the expense of their own failures.

2 thoughts on “The Arapahoe High School shooting

  1. edrebber says:

    When an armed school resource officer entered the room, Pierson believed he was cornered and turned his gun on himself. Thank goodness there was someone who wasn’t a criminal with a gun at the school. It would seem that armed guards are the answer , not more gun control laws.


    1. Ticia says:

      Exactly. Right after Columbine, there was a school shooting in CA. He shot the guys who were in bathroom with him and then went into the hall where he met with an armed security guard. He was disarmed before he could even turn the gun on himself. A Congressman from TX, tried to use that incident to pass a law allowing teachers that have a concealed carry permit to be allowed to carry in the school, because as she reasoned the child feels power being the only one with the gun. Once confronted with a gun they no longer have that power. (This woman watched her parents killed in the Luby’s mass murder in Killeen, TX. and successfully got the law for concealed carry in TX passed.)


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