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Vigil draws hundreds after New Mexico shooting:

Yesterday a 12-year-old male student of Berrendo Middle School in Roswell, New Mexico brought a 22 gauge shotgun to the school in a musical instrument case. He proceeded to the gym where he allegedly shot an 11-year-old boy in the face and a 13-year-old girl in the arm. The girl is recovering from her wounds but the boy is in critical condition. Preliminary reports suggest that the boy was the target. A faculty member was able to get the shooter to relinquish his weapon.

Right now that’s all the news there is except for those media outlets that are trying to steer the news. What am I talking about? Let me show you an example.

CNN has already played the bullying card

(Unnamed student), who knew the shooter, said he was being bullied.

I actually removed the name of the student by personal choice. Anyway this student said this while being interviewed on the Piers Morgan show. It’s not like he doesn’t have any kind of agenda. This is the kind of shoddy journalism that perpetuated the myth about the Columbine cowards being bullied. It just wasn’t true.

My main concern is where did he get the gun from? I don’t know how rural Roswell is but even in rural settings, even if you think you trained your kids right on how to handle and respect firearms, even if you ‘trust’ them, you still need to keep your guns locked when not in use.

I’ll post more as details become available and as my schedule allows.

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