Florida craigslist creeper caught in latest predator sweep

Did you ever notice that the initials for 'Welcome to Florida' are WTF?
Did you ever notice that the initials for ‘Welcome to Florida’ are WTF?

35 men arrested in Pinellas sex sweep:

35 men have been arrested in a multi-agency online predator sweep called “Operation Home Alone” in Pinellas County, Florida. While I’d love to talk about all of them I’m only going to focus on the one that fits a recurring topic on this site.

28-year-old James King of Tampa allegedly posted an ad on craigslist where the ad asked “Are there any women out there into family love?” If you’re new to this site or don’t engage in this kind of depravity ‘family love’ is internet perv code for wanting to have sex with your kids. 34 other suspects were arrested after they all allegedly sought similar activities. Luckily instead they were all met by law enforcement. Also as I’ve said before since so many of these scumbags are being caught how many are going unnoticed by police.

The response was overwhelming, said Anthony Holloway, chief of the Clearwater Police Department, which was involved in the operation. One detective had 40 people make overtures toward her within five minutes of getting online.

“It was like shooting fish in a barrel,” Holloway said. “We didn’t expect that many people to hit on us that quickly.”

EVen though some would have you believe that these fine upstanding men have all been entrapped and this is just a money grab by Florida police. I mean there can’t possibly be this many men who are into child sex out there?

The truth is yes there are and one of the major drawbacks of our online age is that they now have easier access to their prey. Luckily law enforcement is working actively to get many of them behind bars where they belong.

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