Florida TV station gives time to craigslist creeper defenders

10 Investigates: law enforcement may have entrapped alleged sexual predators:

Maybe WTSP stands for We Tolerate Suspected Pedophiles.
Maybe WTSP stands for We Tolerate Suspected Pedophiles.

Yesterday I posted about the sweep in Pinellas County, Florida that resulted in the arrests of 35 alleged online child predators including yet another craigslist creeper.

In that post I alluded to the fact that there are a group of people, and I use that term loosely, who claim that suspects like this are just innocent men that have been entrapped by the greedy and sinister forces of Florida law enforcement. They’ve tried pushing their agenda at this site which you can see here, here and here.

Apparently they got tired of spamming my site with their pro-predator propaganda (actually I banned them) because now they’ve decided to go straight to the media. It seems that WTSP in Tampa actually fell for their line of bullcrap and gave them some pub on their website…

But a Florida man, who says he responded to the officers’ Craigslist ad, sent 10 News an alleged e-mail chain that indicates law enforcement is willing to bend, or break, their own ICAC guidelines to get “targets” to talk about sex with children

Here is the so-called evidence this anonymous Florida man presented…

140129054656_REDACTED – Alleged Sex Sting Chat Log

I’m convinced. There’s no way that any of that documentation could have possibly been faked. Except that it can by any moron with a word processing app and a modicum of knowledge.

I can almost guaran-damn-tee that it’s the same bunch of assclowns who descended on this site. You can tell because not only are they using the exact same rhetoric they used here…

You are creating an illegal police sting utilizing ADULT websites where you can not prove predisposition. I also know that these stings are financially motivated and you are creating crimes that otherwise do not happen and catching innocent men. Where does this type of sting fall into the ICAC standards?

Some of them are even using the same screen names in the article’s comments section.

Again they are probably nothing more than a loose coalition of losers who got busted in one of the many predator stings in Florida trying to use any means possible to try to legitimize and rationalize their behavior.

WTSP should be ashamed that they even entertained these cretins even for a moment.

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  1. Sooooo what part of “I’m 12 and my brother is 14” did he not get?

    1. You are looking to hook up with a sexually active together brother and sister. I don’t care if they are 12 and 14, 22 and 24, 54 and 56….that’s sick.

    2. When you heard, “12 and 14”, that’s all you needed to know. End of communication. Any further communication that isn’t, “goodbye”, identifies you as creepy pervert considering and weighing risk vs. reward. You are a pervert. Own it. Besides, you are on craigslist looking for sex. That identifies you as “loser”. Congrats creepy pervert loser.

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