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I received the following e-mail the other day…

Who the hell do u think u are? I am about to report your toxic website to the authorities. I have been involved with a story that you retards reported on your stupid site and I can guarentee you idiots, that none of it was true. Get your facts right before you shame and humiliate an innocent person. Dickheads. I have a police report to back up….. Do u? Didn’t think so.

I have a policy here that if charges are dropped or if someone has been found not guilty I will remove a story if requested. The e-mail had the person’s name attached to it and I could not find any mention of this person on this site. I did some further investigation and found that the e-mail came from Australia which means probably by law the suspect’s name wasn’t made public. However being the magnanimous guy that I am I reached out to this person albeit probably not in the most friendly way possible…

Or you could tell me what story it is and I can have it removed.

To which I received the reply…

How about you remove them all. Your stories are false. Why don’t you put yourself on your site. Dickhead.

How about because I haven’t been arrested for child abuse?

Anyway, I guess we have to go through this again. This site is a blog. We’re not reporters or journalists. We get our information from the news media. If anything that we posted is untrue then your issue is with whatever news source we used, Also let the record show that I was willing to have whatever story it was removed.

Besides, what authorities are you going to, the Internet Police?

23 thoughts on “We get letters: I am about to report your toxic website

  1. Soobs says:

    (S)He’s telllling!!!!


    1. kellygirls129 says:

      Haha, I was thinking the same thing! Who ya gonna tell, your mommy? Oh no, she won’t let you play with us anymore……….:(


  2. Lucy says:

    He mad, bro.


      1. Lucy says:

        Totes McGoats 😉


          1. Lucy says:

            LOL so much!!!


  3. Red says:

    Lol… I’m just around the corner (New Zealand) Would you like me to pop round and kick his cat & thet’ll divert him to the kicked cat authorities. We have some truly dispicable and shocking stories from our small nation of 4.5 Mil…. the worst of which are carried out by around 12% of the population. For decades it was ignored…. now a groundswell is starting, to point the finger directly at those whao are to blame… maybe. A link here to one Member of Parliament who finally grew some balls…. unlike his fellow MPs (Lefties) who are still making apology for our shameful record of child abuse and pinning it on wrongs from 160 years ago. Your site is pretty unusual, for sure. Good one!


  4. Alexandra1973 says:

    Sounds to me like someone who’s guilty of child abuse and if they haven’t been featured on this site yet, they likely will be.

    Just what it sounds like.


  5. tinalovesnick says:

    Shim should comment on shim’s story so we can determine the authenticity of shim’s paperwork. Lol.

    All jokes aside, if the name is not printed, and it’s not true, then how does this ankle know it’s about them?

    Ankle: It’s lower than a c***.


  6. Sirkissa says:

    No outrage at the horrible abuse featured in this blog, just outrage that you’re reporting it. Hmmm, someone needs to get their priorities right. If they even know what that word means. lol


  7. Buffettgirl says:

    Awww – hims is mad!!! Hims wants hims blankie and a bottle to go nighty-night now…


  8. Erin T. Aardvark says:

    To quote Bugs Bunny, “what a maroon!”


  9. Annahatesviolenceagainstkids says:

    Blogs like this are needed, yes, he is probably guilty of abusing kids. Keep on with the much needed information.


  10. Aussie Sabbath says:

    LMAO, that’s fucking hilarious!


    1. KayCee71 says:

      O muh gah; there really is an Interwebs Police, next thing that’ll happen is that you’ll tell me there are waaaaaahmbulances! Either way, this “ankle” (ahahahaha) probably needs assistance from them too. Ever notice how the guilty parties always screech loudest? In my humble opinion, no matter your age or social standing, if you knowingly & purposefully hurt a child, animal or anyone unable to defend themselves; you lose your right to privacy & should be targeted for worse abuse. Tough shite fucko!


  11. Randall Graves says:

    The interwebs popo


    1. We are offering free legal advice to eejits at
      Harper, Swain & Clemment – Social Media Litigation Associates


      1. The_Shadow_Knows says:

        I like to refer these cases to Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe. If they don’t like the outcome, they can appeal to the Ministry of Who Gives a Fuck.


  12. Aussie Sabbath says:

    “Consequences will never be the same…”


  13. rohl says:

    Silly me. Here I was thinking the authorities were busy looking for pedophiles and people who announce their crimes on social media on the web. Now I know they are simply here to shut down blogs that report the news (it’s 2014, why don’t we have a sarcasm font?!?).


  14. Butler trash says:

    Wow what a great site…I am glad i found this


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