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Accused rapist arrested after a second Athens assault:

Gary Shane Chatham

36-year-old Gary Shane Chatham of Danielsville, Georgia, allegedly raped a Backpage prostitute in 2012, but police didn’t have enough to hold him. It seems like he tried his luck a second time, because he’s been arrested for the rape of another Backpage escort, but this time Athens-Clarke County police are able to keep him behind bars for now.

The way Chatham was caught this time reads like the shortest episode of CSI ever, minus all the sunglasses removing. At the scene of the second rape police discovered a cigarette butt which Chatham admitted to that being his brand during questioning. The victim was also able to give details of Chatham’s life that he supposedly actually told the victim before he raped her at knifepoint. Everything else came together when police were able to connect Chatham’s cell phone to the victims.

Police have also re-opened the investigation into the first rape.

The sadder part is that not only were these women allegedly raped but they could also be the victims of sex trafficking as well, meaning they could also be getting raped for money that they won’t necessarily see. Still, Backpage calls that free speech.

UPDATE 6/22/2015: Chatham was recently indicted on charges of THREE sexual assaults on women he found on Backpage.

UPDATE 7/20/2016: Late last month Chatham was sentenced to 30 years behind bars with a chance of parole after 25 years. He’ll also have to spend the rest of his life on the sex offender registry.

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