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Craigslist nanny from University Place accused of raping children:

Craigslist nanny accused of child rape:


26-year-old Jonathan Michael Harris of University Place, Washington, advertised his services on craigslist as a nanny. He’s also been arrested for allegedly raping multiple children. This should not be a shock to anyone.

One mother who hired Harris says that Harris touched her son’s genitals and showed him explicit pictures from his cell phone. That mother went to the woman who recommended Harris to her. She went to her 8 year-old son and asked him about Harris and the boy said that Harris took him to a ‘naked party’ with other children.

Police searched Harris’ home and allegedly found multiple images of child porn including pictures of the 8-year-old.

I’m not trying to blame the victims’ mothers here but why would anybody hire a male nanny off of craigslist off all places? You might as well just pick a name at random off the sex offender registry and have better luck. Are people out there so ignorant to the world around them that they still believe craigslist isn’t rife with child molesters?

It shouldn’t take the rapes of children for this to become common knowledge.

5 thoughts on “Craigslist nanny accused of multiple child rapes

  1. Muggle says:

    I wouldn’t hire a nanny off craigslist, male or female. If you can’t/won’t do a background check on them or have one done by some type of agency, don’t hire one.


    1. Breaking the Silence supporter says:

      This exact guy Jonathon H. was also on, with an attractive profile similar to many other nannies male and female. Who knows where else he advertised. The sad part is it is very hard to find childcare, and the resources out there are limited.

      Whether this pervert was found on the internet of any source free or paid, or whether he was referred by a family friend, you shouldn’t blame the parents. It could of been one of his nephew’s, nieces, own children, girlfriends child, neighbors, or a family friend, the fact is there are sick people in this world.

      How does blaming the parents make this right? I am sure they feel horrible enough. Instead people should focus their energy on stopping child molestation, child rape, child abuse, shaken baby syndrome, neglect, and domestic violence of any kind. It is out there, and no one talks about it.
      It’s time everyone stops ignoring these things by breaking the silence.


      1. Muggle says:

        The parents should have been a bit more thorough in their search for child care. I mean Craiglist? Really? You don’t have to leave any contact information at all on an ad or even your name. It’s almost completely unmoderated nobody is vetting these ads until they get reported. And someone saying “oh hey, I’m looking for a nanny job” isn’t automatically going to raise red flags. At least asks for a name, picture, contact info AND a background check. I’m sure the parents feel horrible, and there’s no fool-proof way to protect children from sexual abusers. And the mother in this story actually had someone recommend this guy to her! I mean you can’t trust ANYONE. The vast majority of sexual abuse victims knew their abusers well, long before the abuse started.

        But Craigslist is still one of the worst places to look for childcare


      2. I’m not really blaming the parents per se. Ultimately the responsibility for these atrocities lies with Harris. However there is this myth that continues to persist that craigslist is this friendly communal website when that couldn’t be further from the truth.


  2. bill says:

    Any nanny, regardless of gender identity, needs a background check and references. Maybe a drug test to be sure.


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