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Society Wrong to Blame Itself in School Shooting:

Russian Flag

Whenever there is a school shooting in America the pundits and talking heads are quick to point blame at just about anything. We’ve all seen it before. They blame video games, movies, music, The 2nd Amendment, etc. America is quickly becoming the land people who aren’t responsible for their own actions.

It seems with the shooting at School No. 263 in Moscow, Russia is ironically following in the footsteps of its former cold war enemy. Not necessarily blaming the same things but deflecting responsibility from the shooter nonetheless.

That’s why I posted the link above. It’s to an editorial from the Moscow Times by Yulia Latynina. In it she says who we really should blame for these kinds of shootings.

Amazingly, the authorities call for “ensuring” this and “checking” that. They, and those who hold that the boy was the victim of an oppressive education by his parents and that the gunshot was a “cry of desperation,” both subscribe to one terrible idea — that personal responsibility does not exist.

I urge you to read the entire article.

I find it funny that considering this is the first Russian school shooting and it didn’t take a Russian journalist to state the obvious truth while here in America too many media types will lay blame elsewhere and make martyrs out of cold-blooded killers.

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