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You remember the happy couple of Elytte and Miranda Barbour don’t you? There the pair who are accused of killing 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara in Sunbury, Pennsylvania after setting up a meeting with him on craigslist. Miranda Barbour allegedly stabbed LaFerrara repeatedly in his vehicle while her husband held basically a garrote around LaFerrara’s throat. The last we heard prosecutors stated that they would be seeking the death penalty for the pair.

Now Mrs. Barbour is back in the news because of a prison interview she gave this past Friday. Now she is claiming that she belonged to a satanic cult and has killed at least 22 people. She claimed that she started killing at 13 when she joined the cult and claims to have had victims in Alaska, North Carolina, Texas and California. Before everyone is proclaiming her the next Ted Bundy let’s look at the facts. If what she says is true that would make her the most stealthy serial killer ever and the most prolific female serial killer in the US. She would have to have killed these 22+ people in 5 years. Statistically female serial killers are more of the black widow type resorting to means that don’t get their hands dirty such as poisoning. Could she be a statistical anomaly? It’s possible but I don’t think it’s likely. The real problem is I think she believes what she’s saying.

She had a messed up childhood. She was molested at the age of 4 by a relative who spent 14 years in jail for it. That could mess with anyone mentally. Do I think it was to the point that she engaged on a multi-state killing endeavor? No. LaFerrara may not have been her first kill but I doubt there’s as many bodies as she claims. Should we take pity on her? I don’t know. Ten years ago I would have said fry the bitch but I’ve gotten softer in my old age. If’s she’s genuinely insane and was used by Elytte Barbour (You don’t know how much I hate that name) as his instrument of murder then I think she should be spared the death penalty although she should never see the light of day again. Hubby should be executed just on that name alone.

Miranda Barbour says she plans on pleading guilty to LaFerrara’s murder.

2 thoughts on “Pa. craigslist thrill killer claims she's a Satanic serial killer

  1. Muggle says:

    This whole time I’ve been sitting here wondering if this isn’t some way to get an insanity plea. I don’t believe any of this, but I do think she’s batshit insane, either way. She needs some fucking mental treatment. Something tells me she just does not belong in jail.


    1. edrebber says:

      She’s a mass murderer. She deserves the death penalty.


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