Breeder, Grand-Breeder and Bad Boyfriend accused of Ohio house of horrors where kids were tied up and raped

Bobbi Sue Pack

Child’s email leads to arrests:

Again I have to apologize for sitting on a story that’s over a week old.

In Wheelersburg, Ohio police have arrested 31-year-old Bobbi Sue Pack. her mother 52-year-old Edwina Louis, and Pack’s boyfriend, 44-year-old Juan Carlos Sanchez. The trio have been accused of keeping three of Pack’s four children, ages 11, 9 and 8, chained to their beds and beating them with whips and paddles while also depriving them of food. Sanchez has also been charged with allegedly raping some of the children. None of the charges involve the youngest child, age 2. I guess they must have a sign in their house that says “You must be this tall to be chained, beaten, raped and starved.”

Police were tipped off when one of the kids e-mailed their teacher at their virtual school. Basically the kids were being home schooled and were only released from their bindings to do their lessons on the computer. Once again home schooling is used as a cover for child abuse. Now I’m not saying that all home schoolers are child abusers. I’m not even saying that a majority of them are. However there are too many people who use it as a form of child abuse camouflage. You can see more of my take on that here.

Also I always find it bizarre how groups of people like this, can get together and think that this is an acceptable form of parenting. Seriously, is there some hidden section of where these freaks find each other?

This also reminds me of a story from almost 10 years ago that took place in Ohio where a family, whose name escapes me at this time, kept their foster kids in a series of elaborate wooden cages. I’m really beginning to think that Ohio and Michigan are battling it out to see who can be the Florida of the Midwest.

It’s too bad these scumbags can’t be shackled top their cots while their cell doors are left open. That would be justice.

Thanks to Helen for the tip.


  1. Ugh! Gross!
    Homeschool must be different over there. To homeschool here you have to be a member of the homeschool network & someone from the network regularly checks to ensure that the kids are being taught the curriculum & are meeting milestones appropriately.
    The network also organises excursions & regular social gatherings which aren’t compulsory but non attendance does raise suspicions that the kids are being homeschooled for the wrong reasons (like dick heads who want to teach creation instead of the truth, evolution) & abusers.


    • In the US, home schooling requirements vary greatly by state. In some states, there is much oversight and regular contact with the school district. In others, you have to promise to be good and learn yer kids sumthin’ useful now n’ agin.


      • Here in Ohio you have to have a high school diploma yourself and let the superintendent in your school district know that you’re homeschooling.


  2. Eww gross she looks like a scaly predator, just sizing up her prey.
    May they be all impaled on the same stick and roasted over a fire like a chimo shish kebab.


    • And notice that the picture is from 2006, how much worse do you think she looks NOW???


  3. Trench – I said almost the same thing on another site about this case… do they put an ad on Craigslist or something?

    “SWF and her Mamma, seeking man to help beat and abuse her kids. Will consider allowing you to do even worse things to my daughters too. All applications will be considered”

    Ugh – it makes me ILL!


  4. The left leaning media will be sure to report any abuse case that involves home schooling, since they are opposed to it. How many abuse cases does the media never report on at all?


    • Go away. This isn’t about politics, it’s about how these monsters used the system to hide the abuse of children.

      Personally I don’t think anyone should be allowed to home school without a network available to share ideas & resources & provide support…plus, any parent wanting to homeschool should have to be smarter than their kids.


    • Actually a lot of people on the left homeschool. They just don’t get why there isn’t more oversight because they’ve seen families homeschooling to cover up abuse.


  5. How absolutely horrendous. I’m so sorry kids. I hope you are getting help and love and everything you should be getting

    Ps Trench, your “you must be this tall …..” quip was very funny.


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