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David Courson

Bond Denied For Man Charged In Daughter’s Death:

38-year-old David Courson of Monticello, Florida, has been charged with manslaughter in the January death of his 6-year-old daughter Becca. Police allege that Courson was letting a 13-year-old drive his truck when the accident happened. They say that Courson was drunk and liquor, weed and what sounds like to me were homemade redneck fireworks, i.e., a bomb.

And oh yeah the 13-year-old was not his daughter but he’s been arrested for allegedly having sex with her.

With Courson’s wife listening in court on Monday, the prosecutor read some of those messages including one from Courson to the girl about his wife.

“I think she’s jealous of you, you’re everything she is not…pretty, sexy and smart,” said the message.

There was also this exchange between Courson and the girl about their sexual encounter and what Courson’s wife would think about it.

“If she knew what had happened in her bed she would need counseling,” said Courson. “It was on her side of it too,” the girl replied. “Ha, ha, ha all she would need is sound effects,” Courson replied.

So drunk redneck letting his 13-year-old squeeze drive the truck that killed his daughter. Did I forget anything? Oh yeah. His wife may or may not be standing by her man.

Following his arrest last month his wife told us she was supporting her husband.

After court, we asked her if she still was and she referred us to David’s lawyer.

If this story was any more classy I’d have to rent a tux.

This story makes me want to break out the old chestnut of you need a license to own a dog but any idiot can have a kid.

Thanks to Cynthia for the tip.

15 thoughts on “Florida Breeder charged when 13-year-old runs over his 6-year-old daughter

  1. Lucy says:

    Oh lovely Florida. You never fail to deliver.


  2. zappacrappa says:

    Strangely, the word “trailer” seems to be missing from the article…..


    1. Aussie Sabbath says:

      And the word “Meth”


      1. AC says:

        Underage sex, negligent pervert, dead child and idiot wife. With all that I’m sure meth and trailers are implied if not specifically stated.


  3. Skye Belle Matilda Brand says:

    I just don’t know where to start on this one. Under age sex, negligence, a dead child…


    1. Alexandra1973 says:

      Quite the train wreck!


  4. takurospirit says:

    I’m amazed at people. I think I’d be in jail instead of him as I would have stabbed him to death. Not the right move by any means, but I’ve freaked the fuck out for far less. So it’s just a natural conclusion. Then she stands by someone that caused the death of her baby and that someone was also having sex with someone else’s child. And laughing about the child sex. Wtf?


  5. shadyhellyeah says:

    Oh my God. That’s all I’ve got.


  6. rohl says:

    I understand the whole “stand by your man” thing. I would stand by mine through damn near anything. I only have two exceptions.
    1. He harms someone’s child. (Immediate grounds for divorce.)
    2. He harms our children or me. (I believe I would have to play judge, jury, and executioner in that case.)
    I count a grown man sleeping with a 13 year old girl as number one, and the poor little angel that lost her life falls directly under number two. This Mother is either crazy, stupid, or both.


    1. Scrappy says:

      yeah, I don’t get what she’s standing by…clearly not a man…just a heap of dung that is responsible for the death of what I presume was her child.

      Nobody ever wrote a country song called, “Stand by your POS chomo”


  7. Buffettgirl says:

    Sweet dude – you got the Flori-duh Trifecta going here! You should probably buy a lottery ticket while things are going this well for you. Sadly, I think your daughter might be better off, since she won’t have to live with you as a father.


  8. Alexandra1973 says:

    That’s why it’s called Flori-DUH.

    There’s something about that state. There’s a news aggregation site,, and people submit links, come up with funny headlines, and give it a tag, like Cool or Fail. Florida has its own tag.


  9. Julz says:

    This story is a bad breeder & mad.molester all rolled into one. One sick pathetic excuse of a father & husband. If that wife stays with him she is mentally fucked.


  10. JST says:

    “If this story was any more classy I’d have to rent a tux.”

    That’s it? I’m going all out with a top hat and cane.


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