Kenny Bartley testifies at retrial. “I panicked while high on anti-anxiety meds”

Bartley describes what happened on day of school shooting:

Kenny Bartley in 2005
Kenny Bartley in 2005

Today Kenny Bartley testified in his own defense in his retrial for the school shooting death of Campbell County High assistant principal Ken Bruce in 2005. Bartley also shot and wounded Principal Gary Seale and Assistant Principal Jim Pierce. Bartley was 14 at the time of the shooting and pleaded guilty and agreed to a plea that got him 45 years in prison. Last year a new trial was ordered.

In Bartley’s defense he claimed something that seemed contradictory to me. Please tell me if you agree or disagree. In his testimony Bartley claims that on the day of the shooting he snorted Valium and Xanax. Then when he was called into the office about possibly having a gun he said he panicked when he fired the gun. So which is it? Was he high on two different meds that are designed to prevent panic or did he panic because he was on Xanax like he claims? Seriously is it just me or should this testimony be considered insulting not only to the jury but to common sense? Yeah, I know. The two don’t always go hand in hand.

Closing arguments are tomorrow.

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  1. He could have made a rash, impulsive decision because of his abusing both meds. I’m sure that’s why he used the word, “panicked.” Not saying that he should go free….he willingly ingested medication in a manner that was not prescribed, in order to “get high.”

  2. Why are we having a retrial? This shit drives me nuts about our justice system. Unless there is evidence he did not commit the crime, there is no reason for a retrial. The reason he did it doesn’t matter. Why are we wasting time and money on this?

  3. If Bartley was driving a car and killed someone, being impaired by drugs would increase the penalty. Bartley showed up at school with a gun and high on prescription medications and murdered one person and attempted to murder another. Bartley stole the drugs and the gun. It’s not like he was taking prescribed medication and following the instructions Perhaps Bartley’s attorney plays golf with the judge on a regular basis.

  4. He did his time I was there the day of the shooting and I’m sure non of y’all were so take ur dumb ass comments on ok I loved me Bruce if u ask my mr seal should be charged with something y’all just don’t know that man and only know what the media says he taunted Kenny n a lot of other kids I went to school with Kenny did not come to school with the thought of killing I truly believe he is sorry and it was an accident to principle me seal should’ve called police not cornered a boy with a gun in a office so why not put some blame in his sorry ass all I can say is I’m glad Kenny is out I love that kid and his family his aunt is the sweetest woman alive he made a bad choice which one of u are perfect which one of u know Kenny? Prob non so hush and go on to something out

    1. “A bad choice”? No, betting your last $20 on a longshot is a bad choice, killing is a crime…and while no one here has claimed to be perfect, I seriously doubt their mistakes include murdering an innocent man in cold blood. Also, if Seale was constantly taunting students as you claim, why didn’t you or anyone else complain to higher-ups, or better yet, record an instance of his alleged verbal abuse?

      Oh, and learn some basic grammar and punctuation…your entire post is one long run-on sentence, and there were several instances where I had no idea what you were trying to say.

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