Kenny Bartley free after jury finds him not guilty of murder

Bartley released; found not guilty of first-degree murder:


Apparently the jury did buy Kenny Bartley’s line of crap at his trial because they found him not guilty of first-degree murder in the 2005 shooting death of Campbell County High assistant principal Ken Bruce. He was found guilty on the lesser charge of reckless homicide than was released on $7500 bond. I guess $7500 is how much Ken Bruce’s life was worth in the eyes of the court.

He was also found not guilty on charges of attempted first-degree murder for the shootings of Principal Gary Seale and Vice Principal Jim Pierce.

I thought that a new trial would have gotten him more time than his original 46 year plea. Obviously I thought wrong.

Cherish every day that you’re out Kenny for two reasons. The first is that Ken Bruce doesn’t have any of those days left because you were a selfish drug addict. The second reason is you’ll be back soon enough. Your type always is.

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  1. zappacrappa

    And this is how fucked up our justice system is. People are doing more time for tax evasion. People are doing more time for simple possession of pot!

    Next move…he’ll now sue for false imprisonment. And probably win….

  2. Blahblah

    All I can say is I’m glad hes out mr seal got more than he could chew he should’ve called the cops instead of cornering a kid with a gun in an office. I wish me Bruce wasn’t involved he was a great man but what Kenny did was an accident not intentional call me crazy for supporting him but I grew up with him I know he’s not a bad kid he does need help with his addiction then I think he will continue to grow and do great things with his life and not being rude but mr Bruce wife makes me sick with her media talk sand her fake tears seems she just likes the media attention more than she cares for her husband always has to be seen on camera and an opportunity to get some cash in the mean time mr Bruce was a great man and I’m sure he’s ashamed with her actions like I said I personally know these people so I can say this with knowing first hand

    1. RadioChuck

      Will you be glad when he kills again? And I’m pretty sure people will always remember him as the messed-up kid who killed his principal, so you may have set the bar a little too high there. Also, if you had a friend/relative/spouse who was killed in a senseless tragedy, are you saying you wouldn’t be speaking out at every opportunity, to demand the killer be punished to the fullest extent of the law? Doubt it.


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