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PD: Man attempts to meet 3 y/o & special needs child for sex:

Man arrested after planning to have sex with boy, 3, police say:

Paul Andrew Vangelder

It seems like 47-year-old Paul Andrew Vangelder of Port Charlotte, Florida, was feeling a little lonesome on Valentine’s day so he did what any perv would do, he looked for companionship on craigslist. And to what should his wandering eyes doth appear but an ad for parents who were willing to turn out their kids. Not just any kids though but two special needs children, one a 3-year-old boy and the other a 9-year-old girl. Vangelder was said to have described what he wanted to do to the children in great detail to the parents and then set off to North Port, Florida, to meet them.

Wen Vangelder arrived at the home he was greeted by the officers of the North Port police. This was all a sting to catch craigslist creepers. You know, for the grant money and not to put actual criminals in jail or anything, as some would have you believe. Except that this was allegedly found on him…

Officers found a bi-pod camera stand and a digital camera with an SD memory card inside of it in Vangelder’s silver Nissan truck.

While searching the SD card, officers found a pornographic video of four young boys committing sexual acts on each other.

So it sounds like this may not be his first rodeo but I’m sure we’ll hear about he was an innocent man entrapped by the greedy police.

Look, this is a real thing. There are actually parents out there who will turn their kids out on craigslist. This is no urban legend. In my opinion any use of craigslist, since they can’t be bothered to monitor their own site, is helping support the continued violation of children by the craigslist creepers.

UPDATE 1/15/2015: Yesterday Vangelder committed suicide hours before he was supposed to go to trial. He was out on bond.

One thought on “Police say that Florida craigslist creeper wanted to have sex with special needs kids

  1. Chuck D. says:

    Good riddance…the only good child rapist is a dead one!


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