Ga. principal says he ‘taught’ other girls

Douglas principal charged with attempted child sex released on $50,000 bond:

John Harold McGill
John Harold McGill

John Harold McGill is an elementary school principal in Georgia. I would imagine that the school district is trying to relieve him of that position since he was arrested in DeKalb County during a craigslist predator sting. McGill allegedly responded to an ad placed by investigators posing as a woman who was offering her teenage daughter for sex. McGill allegedly responded by saying that “he has taught other girls and he would go slow.”

A statement like that would lead me to believe that this isn’t McGill’s first dalliance into underage girls, only the first time he’s been caught. McGill’s lawyer is arguing that his client didn’t do anything wrong because of the wording of the arrest warrant.

“There’s no mention of the (girl’s) age in that warrant,” Pilgrim said. “The warrant said ‘teenage daughter.’ That could mean 16 or 18. The evidence is different than the warrant.”

I’m sure the investigators have enough documentation saying what age the purported teenage girl was and I get the feeling it was under the legal age of consent. I don’t think that McGill would be into ‘teaching’ 18-year-olds.

McGill is also out on $50,000 bond.

If McGill had ‘taught’ other girls I wonder how many of them were from craigslist. If you think no real parent would actually turn out their kid on craigslist like this you’d be very sadly mistaken. It’s real, it does happen and craigslist does nothing to stop it.

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  1. McGill admits to prior acts of rape and he’s a School Principal with access to children in a supervisory capacity, and yet he is still granted bail. He only needs $5000 to pay a Bail bondsman to get out of prison. He should have been denied bail or a much higher bail of $500,000. The authorities aren’t taking this seriously.

  2. This miscreant was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and he’ll be under lifetime supervision for the rest of his life after he is released. He put his kids to bed and drove more than 50 miles to the house he thought was his target’s mom’s. LE officers were waiting for him. His wife was out of town attending a multi-day conference. I hope she divorced his butt after she discovered what he’d done in her absence. I’m a retired GA teacher, and this sickens me. What adult could view a kid of any age as a sexual object, except one with a depraved mind, a dark heart, and no soul?

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