Miss. Breeder charged with dumping newborn…again

Police release more details on abandoned baby:

Cora Lynn Watkins

25-year-old Cora Lynn Watkins has been arrested in Houston, Mississippi, for allegedly abandoning her newborn baby in a storage shed. She allegedly gave birth alone, left the baby wrapped in a blanket then returned to work. Luckily some children heard the baby crying. The article states that the kids got some family members but it’s unclear, to me at least, if they were Watkins’ family members. Either way the baby was taken to the hospital and at last report is doing well.

However this isn’t the first time that Watkins has done something like this. She was arrested back in 2010 for abandoning a baby at a Salvation Army. She received probation for that offense and was just released from probation last month. I doubt this time she’ll be so lucky.

It may have been a while since we discussed this but baby dumping like this is so unnecessary. All 50 states have Safe Haven laws where you can drop a newborn off safely with no questions asked. Specifically in Mississippi you can drop a newborn up to 3 days old at a hospital, adoption center, emergency room or EMS station.

Once again I have to ask are the safe haven laws so unknown that this keeps happening?

Thanks to Amy for the tip.


  1. Why is The Salvation Army not an approved safe heaven drop off?


    • They take old couches, tv’s, clothes, ugly lamps, etc. Not babies, though.


      • Oh, must be different there then! Here they are a charity that does a LOT of work in the community. They run soup kitchens, walk the streets giving food &amp blankets to homeless people, contribute to the running of needle exchange vehicles in high risk areas, etc.

        They still have the charity shops where you can donate household goods but they also have other functions.

        In fact, if we had safe haven laws here they would probably be one of the first organisations approved, after hospitals &amp police &amp fire stations.


        • I was being a bit snarky, actually. I shouldn’t post before coffee, sorry. : ) They do those things here, too, but when you hear of “a Salvation Army,” it’s almost always talking about the second hand store. The shelters and soup kitchens and stuff usually operate under other names.


          • Lol, I like snark!
            I used to work in youth services so I’m probably more familiar with the other branches of the SA than most.
            Those laws seem confusing…are all laws different between states &amp if so. how do you keep track when you travel?


          • There are national laws that apply nation wide, but we are big on states rights here. If that wasn’t confusing enough, there are laws at the county and local level, too. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, so know before you go. This becomes particularly annoying for strange traffic laws. In Massachusetts for example, “THICKLY SETTLED” counts as a speed limit sign. You are expected to know that it translates to 35 mph, although it doesn’t say so anywhere outside a MA drivers’ ed book, and you won’t find this anywhere else in the country. Some states allow a right turn on a red light and others don’t. When I lived in one state but went to school in another, I used to get pulled over constantly because the state I was driving in required a front license plate but my home state didn’t issue front plates, only back ones. So yeah, it keeps things interesting : )


          • Riiiiiiight…so our Vegas trip could be interesting when we visit other places!


        • Better answer: Safe Haven laws vary greatly by state. In some states, any sober, willing, responsible adult is an acceptable Safe Haven recipient (so Salvation Army staff would work), but in others, only a hospital will do. In still others, fire stations, police stations, staffed churches, etc. qualify. Some states set the upper age limit of the baby at 72 hours while others give the mother much more time. Some states didn’t set any age limit, but this caused problems when mothers started hauling their 16 and 17 year olds into drop offs saying, “Here – YOU deal with him.”
          Mississippi (where this “mother” is from, has a relatively narrow law: three days old and only to very specific locations.
          The difference in the laws state to state can be confusing, yes. But every state has one. There is no need in any state to dump a baby for lack of any other choice.


          • The US is lucky they even have them in some states. Australia has no safe haven and authorities will try to reunite mum and baby – even if mum doesn’t want to be found. Oh, and she can be charged with baby dumping even if the baby was handed in to a hospital or police station.


          • She CAN, but that rarely happens.

            Whenever babies are left at hospitals they always try to find Mum to check on her mental state &amp make sure she is still alive &amp if she has mental health problems they offer treatment &amp the baby is placed in foster care until Mum has had treatment &amp can make an informed decision. If Mum refuses treatment &amp insists on terminating her parental rights the authorities oblige.

            I can’t find any information about women being charged for leaving their baby in a safe place. The only ones who have been charged are the dumb bitches who leave babies to die in garbage bins or the boot of their car.


          • And they usually try to find another relative to become guardian (a grandparent or the father for instance).


  2. “Once again I have to ask are the safe haven laws so unknown that this keeps happening?”

    In my opinion it’s because of legalized abortion. Well, actually because of the mindset it creates, at least in the “lower intelligence” population (no offense intended). Today’s generation was raised up on the mindset that babies are disposable. And what do you do with your disposable items? Just toss them somewhere. I remember back in the day when there was a debate about how making abortion illegal would result in babies thrown in dumpsters. Ironic how that worked out.


    • Newsflash: People did know about abortion before Roe V. Wade. A LONG time before. Like, THOUSANDS of years before. And they actually had them! Without doctors! Also infanticide.

      And guess what! Places where abortion is still illegal? They still have them there! TONS of them! Also infanticide.


      • That was also back when the Hippocratic Oath had this thing *against* abortion.


    • Yep, everything’s disposable nowadays…babies, marriages, you name it. If it’s an inconvenience, get rid of it. All about Number One, ya know? Selfishness rules the day. Seems being selfless and self-sacrificing makes you into a “doormat” somehow.

      And to some people, taking responsibility for one’s actions is a foreign concept.


    • Your opinion is wrong:
      …”Moreover, if there is a relation between infanticide and general attitudes about abortion, then we would expect to see higher rates of infanticide in areas where attitudes on abortion are more tolerant. The South and Midwest are most strongly anti-abortion, the West Coast and Northeast the most liberal. So, do these cultural difference affect rates of infanticide? Well, yes, but it turns out the actual rates of infanticide are precisely the opposite of what the cultural explanation would predict. The data instead support a different explanation of infanticide: Some state laws make it harder for a woman to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Under those conditions, more women will resort to infanticide. By contrast, where abortion is safe, legal, and available, women will terminate unwanted pregnancies well before parturition.” (graphs in link)



    • You believe that she abandoned her newborn because abortion is legal? I don’t see the connection.


  3. She looks so contrite too… I sure hope the judge goes easy on her… FUCKING NOT!!!


  4. I’m glad I could point this website in this direction. I live less than an hour away and my inlaws live less than 15 minutes and I hope she gets the max! I’m just glad the baby is safe and sound and might have a chance at a great life!



  5. Like everything else, I’m sure if you try to drop a baby off they are going to want you to fill out a 25 page “Baby release form” and make their smug little looks and comments, being up standing Christians and everything!!, so I doubt its an appealing choice for someone that would drop a baby and walk away!! Therefore said baby ends up in a card board box in the gas station bath room!!! I would think the salvation army would be a good choice, They are suppose to be there to help!!!! Hence the word Salvation!!! Society is just so caught up in the whole Judgment thing. No one wants to be judged!!! But they are front row to judge someone else!!


    • In most states, no paperwork or identifying information is required of the surrendering mother, only a verbal declaration that she is permanently surrendering the child under Safe Haven law. In Mississippi, where this happened, “The parent who surrenders the baby shall not be required to provide any information pertaining to his or her identity, nor shall the emergency medical services provider inquire as to same. If the identity of the parent is known to the emergency medical services provider, the emergency medical services provider shall keep the identity confidential.
      A female presenting herself to a hospital through the emergency room or otherwise, who is subsequently admitted for purposes of labor and delivery, does not give up the legal protections or anonymity guaranteed under this section.”



  6. Here in Nevada our safe haven laws aren’t talked about it schools but the information is plastered inside every free clinic, planned parenthood, OBGYN office so you don’t even have to ask anyone.
    You can drop off any baby “that appears to be of 30 days or younger” at a fire station, hospital, or call a hospital and they’ll send an ambulance to come get said baby as long as the baby doesn’t show any signs of abuse. Completely free, completely anonymous.

    I feel like communities are making it really fucking clear that they want to help. It’s just selfish/crazy bitches that dump babies.


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