Backpage responds to latest legislative effort against them (From the mouth of Liz McDougall VI)

Despite support, sex trade ad bill faces uphill battle:

Backpage attorney Liz McDougall

Backpage attorney Liz McDougall

I originally posted about the SAVE act proposed by Illinois Senator Mark Kirk here. Backpage has responded to the latest threat through usual means with the typical response.

Let’s hear from Backpage’s legal weasel Liz McDougall…

“The aim of stopping the sex trafficking of minors, indeed the trafficking of any human being, is laudable,” attorney Liz McDougall wrote. “However, identifying and vilifying a single U.S. website (previously craigslist, now as the cause of the problem and the key to the solution are ill-founded and unproductive.”

So according to Backpage it’s laudable to stop sex trafficking but more importantly it’s profitable so we’re not going to stop. Also vilifying Backpage is not unproductive considering they’re the online leaders of where women and children are trafficked. Unfortunately for right not the law is on Backpage’s side, a badly outdated law called the Communications Decency Act of 1996, but the law nonetheless.

Let’s be realistic here. Backpage makes their money through the purchasing of ads where these women and children are advertised as prostitutes. They’ll make grand gestures that they screen the ads but deep down I think they know where their money is coming from yet Backpage owners Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin continue to wallow in their prostitution profits while paying Liz McDougall to do tricks for the people.

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  1. edrebber

    McDougall’s position is preposterous when you consider the measures that sites like Amazon, Ebay or Yahoo use to police the content on their websites. One can easily have their content removed or even their account suspended for violating the terms of service on most major web sites and the offense may not even be criminal.

    McDougall doesn’t think it’s productive to single out her employer for aiding and abetting the most vile and despicable people in society to commit some of the most heinous crimes that can result in decades long prison sentences.

    I bet if McDougall’s neighbor was engaged in the trafficking of human beings from their residence, that McDougall would demand that the neighbor be identified and singled out as as the cause of the problem and the key to the solution .


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