Student brings 3 guns to San Antonio high school

May or may not have been in student's possession

May or may not have been in student’s possession

Madison High School student with 3 loaded guns in custody:

Madison student named, charged after weapons brought to school:

17-year-old Brendan Tarwater was arrested earlier today for allegedly bringing 3 guns and ammunition to James Madison High School in San Antonio, Texas. The media are saying that one of the guns was an AK-47, but the media doesn’t have a great track record in identifying guns and sometimes have called just about any type of rifle an AK-47. You’ll notice that they haven’t identified the other two guns, but I digress.

Surprisingly and thankfully it was Tarwater’s parents who not only notified the school that their son may have brought the guns to school but actually went to the school to warn them. His parents noticed that the guns were missing. Let’s hear it for attentive parenting and gun ownership for once. Tarwater was brought to the office peacefully and authorities were able to secure the weapons without any bloodshed.

According to police Tarwater said that he had planned on using the guns to make some kind of demands at school so it sounds like he was planning on taking hostages. Hostage situations in schools never end well. Nickel Mines jumps immediately to mind. So far whatever Tarwater’s demands were going to be or his motive have not yet been made public. I haven’t heard the bullying trope yet but it’s still early. School officials have said that Tarwater is going to be charged as an adult.

I can’t stop help thinking how bad this could have gone if his parents didn’t intervene. How sad is it that his parents are in the minority of acting responsibly when it comes to these kinds of situations?

UPDATE 9/2/2015: Tarwater, now 18, was sentenced to 8 years behind bars.

Florida Breeder suffocates infant son. Media says Xbox to blame

Dad kills crying toddler son so he could play Xbox:

Cody Wygant

24-year-old Cody Wygant of Homosassa, Florida, is accused of killing his 16-month-old son, Daymeon Wygant. The media would have you believe it was so he could play Xbox uninterrupted. Personally I don’t think that’s why at all but first let’s get some details.

Wygant allegedly killed his son by holding the baby’s nose and mouth shut for 3 to 4 minutes until he became lethargic. Why did he do this? The baby was crying of course. How dare babies cry? After putting his son in a playpen he went and played Xbox and watched TV. He didn’t check on his son for five hours and when he did Dayemon was unresponsive and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Did he think that cutting off the baby’s breathing would put him gently to sleep? Is that what his parents did because that would explain a lot. Now I’m not excusing anything this assclown did. I think it wouldn’t have mattered if he was watching football, talking on the phone, or listening to music, he probably would have killed his son no matter what he interrupted. He’s a murderer but he’s not James Sargent. Although ‘they’ should restrict Wygant’s airways for 4 minutes at a time and see how long he lasts.

Blame the killer, not the game.

Thanks to Tiffany for the tip.

RSO graduates from MySpace molester to MeetMe molester

Man Suspected of Having Sex with Redondo Beach Teen:

Hugo Gonzalez

Hugo Gonzalez

We have a repeat customer on our hands today. Back in 2011 Hugo Galindo Gonzalez pleaded guilty to a federal felony charge of using the Internet to transmit information about a minor. Although what really happened is that he allegedly had sex (child rape) with a 14-year-girl he met on MySpace. Apparently Gonzalez didn’t get the 5 years he was looking at in his plea deal. It did however land him on the sex offender registry.

Recently the 27-year-old Gozalez was arrested in Redondo Beach, California, for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old girl that he met on MeetMe, the trashy heir apparent to MySpace. He also used messaging app Kik to stay in contract with the girl.

Police believe that he may have more victims…

Based on the nature of the crimes committed by Gonzalez, Redondo Beach Police Detectives are seeking any further persons who might have been victims of Gonzalez to please contact the Redondo Beach Police Department – Investigations Division – Det. Clint Daniel, 310-379-2477 ext. 2480 or email at

Note to prosecutors, how about keeping him in jail this time? Just being on the registry obviously didn’t work.

UPDATE 7/13/2014: Gonzalez pleaded no contest to the latest charges and was sentenced to 3 years and eight moths. He’ll be back I’m sure.

Western Australia: Hand to mouth action = smoking


The government of Australia really hates smoking. They have quite the history when it comes to the fight against tobacco. So you would think that a country that is so adamant against smoking would lovingly embrace the concept of vaping as a way to get smokers to quit. Well, if the Supreme Court of the state of Western Australia is any indication, not so much.

Earlier this month vaping and e-cigs were banned in Western Australia. The Supreme Court used this logic to say that vaping and e-cigs runs afoul of the tobacco legislation…

Then came the controversial Western Australian Supreme Court decision which, on April 10, ruled that if an e-cigarette device involves ”a hand to mouth action” and results in the ”expulsion of vapour”, then it resembles a tobacco product and is therefore illegal.

That’s right folks, the WA Supreme Court basically banned vaping and e-cigs because they look like smoking. As I and many other vapers have said this is the what a lot of the anti-vapers believe.

Here’s the thing, the fact that vaping looks and even feels like smoking is what makes it attractive to smokers and helps them quit. This is why vaping has been more successful for me than any other cessation product.

But yeah, let’s take one of the best features about vaping and use it to make it illegal. If we’re not careful this is what can happen here in the US. Not necessarily an outright ban but so much over-regulation and taxes that it might as well be banned.

The craigslist horse creeperer

PHX man arrested for bestiality intentions after posting Craigslist ad:

Donald Waelde

Amy Farrah Fowler’s twin brother over there is 22-year-old Donald Waelde of Phoenix, Arizona. Police say that he placed an ad on craigslist in the missed connections section looking for a horse to ‘play with’. Waelde actually had someone respond to his ad. When he showed up to the meeting place a horse was there and everything. Except that the horse was a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office patrol horse and the man was an MCSO deputy. Prior to his arrest Waelde allegedly told the deputy that he wanted to have sex with the horse.

I’ve known some horse owners in my time and they all have one thing in common. They all adored their horses. I can’t imagine any horse owner out there thinking to themselves “I’m short on cash so I’m going to rent my horse out on craigslist so some stranger can fuck it.” Unless it’s someone who bought the animal for that particular reason.

Unfortunately bestiality is nothing new on craigslist. Hell, it’s not even new in Maricopa County. By my estimation this is their fourth arrest of an alleged craigslist animal fucker.

Since it’s a missed connections ad I wonder what it said. “You were grazing in your pen while I was behind a fence post with my pants around my ankles…” Again, nice userbase you have there craigslist.

UPDATE 4/27/2014: I don’t know why this is relevant but the media finds it necessary to tells us that Donald is transgender and identifies as a woman. The only thing that explains is why he looks like Mayim Bialik’s character from Big Bang Theory.

In an unrelated item according to those same reports say that Donald specifically wanted to fellate the horse.

Less oversight than a bag of dog food

Preferable to vaping according to some.

Preferable to vaping according to some.

While I was surfing the net looking for vaping stories to talk about I found this one from NBC entitled “What’s So Bad About E-Cigarettes?” I felt it did a decent job of showing both sides of the vaping argument but again the anti-vapers are unmatched in their hyperbole.

First let’s hear from a pulmonologist at the Georgetown University School of Medicine…

“Electronic cigarettes may represent the next evolution of nicotine replacement, supplanting the gum, patch and the existing inhaler. However, most consumers would be shocked to realize the products they buy have less oversight than a bag of dog food, and are often manufactured and imported from countries that have histories of tainted pharmaceutical and food products,” Cobb added.

Just because something has no government oversight doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing. Yes, I am sure there are dangerous knock offs out there but that can be said about a lot of products. How many recalls have their been in the past few years from major retail outlets because of lead found in various products. Products, I may add, that are supposed to be overseen by the government. In my opinion if you’re going to a quality ape store or buying name disposables you shouldn’t have too much to worry about, Besides, if a vape store is going to make a faulty product they probably won’t be in business long. Heaven forfend that an industry in this country should be self-regulated, but again I don’t think the FDA rules are anything to worry about yet.

Now lets’s hear from a smoking cessation specialist from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center here in North Carolina…

Spangler’s been studying this and doesn’t have final data yet. But in general, e-cigarettes appear slightly less effective than nicotine gum or patches or drugs such as Chantix, he says.

“I do have about 20 percent of my smoking patients in my clinic who are using electronic cigarettes,” he said. “Of the patients who use them, about 10 percent of them actually quit smoking using electronic cigarettes.”

Is it just me or do you never hear people rave about how the patch or Chantix helped them quit smoking? For the most part I hear from people who couldn’t stand being in Chantix and went right back to smoking. I quit smoking while on the patch but it was only temporary, The longest I stayed quit on the patch was 9 months and I would sneak a cigarette now and then. Vaping is the only thing that has worked for me and I’ve been literally smoke free for 9 months now. So if vaping is helping people quit smoking, even 10 percent of people, what is the problem? That’s 10% that won’t be smoking anymore. Any method that gets people to quit smoking for good should be celebrated, not vilified.

Now let’s get to some busybodies…

Public health advocates say even that worries them. “You should always be suspicious when the tobacco industry applauds something,” says Tom Glynn, senior director of cancer science and trends for the American Cancer Society.

Apparently vaping retailers and the tobacco industry are one in the same. Granted some of the e-cig makers are owned by tobacco companies this isn’t a vast conspiracy by ‘Big Tobacco’.

“Like cigarette companies, e-cigarette makers claim they don’t market to kids. But they’re using the same themes and tactics tobacco companies have long used to market regular cigarettes to kids,” says Matthew Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Really? How are they marketing to kids? Have they taken out ads on Nickelodeon? I was a kid when smoking was still acceptable to do indoors and I witness a ton of billboards and print advertising about cigarettes. None of them cause me to start smoking at age 15. Give kids a little more credit than that.

Again, I think all these people and organizations are getting up in arms about vaping for two reasons. The first is it looks like smoking and the second is that e-cigs have the word cigarette in them so they must be the same.

I wonder what it must feel like to be outraged over semantics.

Franklin Regional stabber: "My work is not done. I have more people to kill"

Police: Franklin Regional suspect said he had ‘more people to kill’:

School Stab-Spree Suspect Alex Hribal Planned to Kill, Cops Say:

Alex Hribal

Alex Hribal

If there was any doubt in my mind that Alex Hribal wasn’t just another entitled and selfish kid using violence to deal with his own inadequacies, it’s been removed with the release of today’s news.

Newly released court papers today state that a handwritten note was found in Hriabal’s locker at Franklin Regional Senior High School. The note is said to have contained the following…

“I can’t wait to see the priceless and helpless looks on the faces of the students of one of the ‘best schools in Pennsylvania’ realize their precious lives are going to be taken by the only one among them that isn’t a plebeian,”

Just another instant of an assailant in an attack against a school thinking that he’s superior to everyone else. People say that there is no real criminal profile of a school shooter, or in this case stabber. I tend to disagree as this ego-maniacal trait seems to be present in most of them.

Other information that was released today was when the assistant principal of the school, Sam King, managed to grab Hribal while he was still wielding the knives. When Mr. King asked Hribal to relinquish his weapons Hribal reportedly responded with…

“No, I am not dropping them, my work is not done, I have more people to kill,”

Because of those two factors prosecutors have upgraded the charges against Hribal to 21 counts of attempted homicide. Hribal has been charged as an adult so those charges seem like they could result in some hefty jail time. With the way things have been going in similar trials lately I doubt he’ll be held past his 21st birthday.

The economics of Vaping vs. Smoking

Chart via

Chart via

One of the things that constantly gets lost in the vaping debate is how much cheaper vaping and e-cigs are compared to smoking. From my own personal experience while living in the tobacco friendly state of North Carolina I was paying roughly $3.50 for a pack of Pall Malls. A pack a day for 7 days comes out to $24.50 a week. When I started with e-cigs I could get a $10 Blu or Logic disposable to last me two weeks. That comes out to just a little bit over 70 cents a day.

A writer for the New Republic has just come out with an article showing how long you would have to vape in order to be saving money from smoking. Danny Vinik of New Republic compared the average price of Marlboro Reds to the upfront cost of a vaporizer and supplies and determined that you have to vape for 51 days before you recoup the initial vaping cost.

This is another reason why I don’t see anyone jumping from vaping to smoking. As of right now it’s more cost-effective to vape than it is to smoke. You can buy a carton of smokes for whatever ridiculous amount they’re selling for now ($40-50?) or you can spend less than $10 for a 10ml bottle of juice every two weeks. If it wasn’t for my aforementioned health issues I wouldn’t go back to smoking just because of the cost alone.

Why vapers shouldn't freak out about the new FDA rules…yet

Why vapers shouldn't freak out about the new FDA rules...yet

Yesterday the US Food and Drug Administration released their new rules regarding e-cigs and vaping and it’s not a lot to worry about yet.

Here are the new rules in a nutshell…

  • A ban on the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.
  • A prohibition on distributing free samples.
  • A ban on selling e-cigarettes in vending machines unless they are in places that never admit young people.
  • A requirement that e-cigarettes carry warnings that they contain nicotine, which is addictive.
  • E-cigarette manufacturers would be required to disclose the ingredients in their products.

Personally, I don’t have an issue with any of these rules as a consumer except maybe the free samples. I’d like to see some clarification on that. Do they mean no free disposable e-cigs or would that include no more sampling e-juice at the vape store?

The FDA decided not to rule on flavors or advertising at this time even though the anti-vaping crowd wishes that they did. As an aside the NPR article surprisingly did not mention cotton candy or bubble gum instead they just mentioned ‘fruit flavors’. I also felt the article itself was very impartial. The advertising I don’t really have a problem with either. I found vaping through word of mouth mostly. My son recommended e-cigs to me then a friend of mine recommended vaping. I think the fear over the flavors and the advertising is misguided. Neither of those things are marketing towards children no matter how many if the busybodies say so and no one is taking up smoking after vaping. If they are they’re stupid.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t be wary of what the FDA will want to rule on in the future. The last thing that vaping needs is to be taxed like cigarettes are. In theory since vaping doesn’t have the same impact on healthcare that smoking does that it wouldn’t be taxed as much. However, if more people start vaping rather than smoking the government may miss that particular cash cow and will look for something else to tax heavily. Let’s hope it won’t be our favorite little hobby.

Trench recommends the MadVapes Surprise Tank Kit

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Hey everybody. I’m not going to do a whole lot of product reviews here because that’s not what this site is about. However when I see a good deal I’m going to let you know about it.

As I’ve mentioned before my local vape store is MadVapes. I’ve gone to their brick and mortar store as well as ordered from them online and it’s always been a good experience. Right now they have a deal that for $6, not including shipping, handling and taxes, you can get a randomly selected tank, two replacement coils, a random drip tip, and a 10ml bottle of a random flavored 0mg e-juice.

I ordered my Surprise Tank Kit this week and I loved it. When I ordered I joked around with Mrs. Trench saying that “I bet the tank I get is going to be pink.” Sure enough I got a pink one. Not a problem for me because I don’t care what color my tank is.

So if you’re not hung up on the color of your tanks or drip tips or you just want to try some random new items I highly recommend this offer.

(In the interest of transparency this is a non-sponsored post but I’m not above doing sponsored posts.)