Franklin Regional parent says ‘rat face’ caused school stabbing attack

Franklin Regional parent had bullying concerns before knife rampage:

Alex Hribal

Alex Hribal

Misleading headline is misleading.

Let me give you the rundown of the article. A man whose daughter was allegedly bullied at Franklin Regional says he went to the school about his daughter and he claims they did nothing about it. That’s the bullying concern.

However the same man says he has a screen shot, I’m assuming from Facebook, where some student referred to Alex Hribal as a ‘rat face’. As I’ve said before if this what is considered as bullying these days we are raising yet another generation of emotional marshmallows. Even if Hribal is one of these selfish and egotistical teens that usually carry out these kinds of attacks I doubt very much that ‘rat face’ would set him off to the point where he stabbed 20+ people.

Let’s also not forget that both the police and Hribal’s own attorney has said that bullying is not the cause of the attacks. The media won’t let that get in the way of writing salacious click bait.

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  1. ronni

    They called me a lot worse than that, and, while they made my life miserable, the thought of killing them never crossed my mind.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      I got concussions from my bullies and I never thought of killing them either.

  2. Mylo_Abacus

    I have no weapons to kill my bullies, and nuts and tree limbs have no effect.

    Schools need firepower, tasers held by security guards and kept in lockers for school professionals with shared defcon combinations.


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