Utah Breeder accused of killing 7 newborns

Police arrest woman after finding 7 dead babies in cardboard boxes in garage of Utah home:

Police find remains of seven babies at Utah home:

7 Babies Found Dead in Utah Home; Woman Arrested:

Megan Huntsman
Megan Huntsman

Police in Pleasant Grove, Utah, have arrested 39-year-old Megan Huntsman for allegedly killing 7 newborns that she gave birth to between 1996 and 2006. One of the bodies was found in a house that Huntsman used to live in by her estranged husband. He called police who found 6 more bodies. The causes of death have not been disclosed as of yet.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. In Mormon controlled Utah it must be next to impossible to get an abortion. Not so. From everything that I’ve read abortions in Utah are quite available.

What I don’t get is how was this incubator pregnant seven times and gave birth, I would imagine at home, seven times and not one person she knew could put one and one together? Obviously she can’t use the ‘I didn’t even know I was pregnant excuse’. That may work with one pregnancy but not seven. Technically, if the charges are true, she is a serial killer.

Utah does have the death penalty but only for aggravated murder. I think this more than meets the definition. What do you think? Should she be given the death penalty for the murder of seven of her own newborns if found guilty?

Thanks to Helen for the tip.

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  1. What amazes me is that she found someone, or multiple someone’s to stick their dick/s in her at least 7 times.

    1. They were all apparently her (ex)husband’s babies. He then served time in prison, that’s why she stopped having them in 2006.

      1. I’m just wondering if he intentionally did something naughty to get sent to the clink just to get away from her and her overly fertile rancid gash…. I so would if I had to sleep next to that… But then again I’d like to think I wouldn’t take home the star player for the hunchbacked hermits footy club and if by some chance I did, I’d be smart enough to go home and hack my man parts (if I wasn’t a girl) clean off to prevent it happening again.

  2. And here is the thing that is going to let her get away with this if her lawyer has any skills at all: The bodies have been there for years, in boxes in a garage. Not a freezer. They would be very decomposed. (How no one smelled what must have been a horrific stench I have no idea) And unless it can be proven that any of those babies took a breath, and it probably can’t due to decomposition, there is no proof of murder, and she’ll get off with 6 charges of improper disposal of a corpse (or the Utah equivalent.) This sucks and I don’t believe for one second that all of the children were stillborn. But there is no way in hell she’ll get death. I only hope she can be committed long term, or given a stiff enough sentence to keep her away from sperm until she is no longer able to make more babies.

    1. Why did she keep having them is what I want to know. I get that someone might not know they don’t want to be a mother before they have kids &amp when they have it feel overwhelmed &amp maybe even give the baby up for adoption but after you know that you don’t want kids, why not get desexed?

        1. Glad my pension bunny line is getting great reviews, I aim to amuse… And sometimes misbehave, but mainly to amuse.

    2. The last report I read said that one was born stillborn, the other six were live births. How they can determine that I don’t know, but that’s were it seems to be right now. It should result in 6 murder charges and 7 for the improper disposal of a corpse.

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