Police say that Franklin Regional stabber made threatening phone calls

Pennsylvania school stabber may have phoned threats to students:

Police: PA school stabber apparently behind threats:

Alex Hribal

Alex Hribal

According to reports police in Murrysville, Pennsylvania believe that Franklin Regional school stabber Alex Hribal made threatening phone calls to two other students prior to the attack. These two students were not injured in the attack. So I take back everything I said about Hribal possibly being mentally ill. It sounds like he’s just another entitled teen who thinks the world owes him everything.

What about the ‘rat face’ Facebook comment you ask? Here it is in its entirety…

“You rat looking peasant do not ever think you are an equal to me.”

Except here’s the thing about that. According to Murrysville Police Chief Thomas Seefeld the person who posted the Facebook message was not contacted by Hribal and was also not one of the victims. Additionally Chief Seefeld has stated that there’s no indication that the post was even referring to Hribal.

“It doesn’t have a direct connection at this point, but it’ll be looked at,” the chief said.

Of course now his lawyer is playing the bullying card, but what do you expect from a lawyer. To my knowledge that has never worked as a defense in a school violence trial yet lawyers keep hammering away thinking that they’re going to be the first to win that way. Personal responsibility be damned.

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