Journey Ann was not in the system

Boyd and Payne

Couple charged in beating death of 1-year-old Bartow County girl:

This is an older story but I think it still deserves attention.

I’m not usually a fan of nontraditional names but Journey Ann is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Unfortunately 1-year-old Journey Ann Cowart’s own journey in this life was cut short. Journey Ann’s mother, Brandy Ann Boyd, and her boyfriend, Austin Payne, both of Cartersville, Georgia, were arrested for Journey Ann’s death.

The coroner’s autopsy revealed that Journey Ann had been systemically beaten prior to her death. Blunt force trauma was the cause of death and the autopsy also showed that she had been beaten previously with bone fractures that never healed properly. If she hadn’t been killed Journey Ann probably would have grown up handicapped due to all the injuries she sustained.

What really grabbed me about this story is this quote from the article…

Investigators said they had not received reports of child abuse in the home from either the Division of Family and Children’s Services or family members.

I don’t know why that struck a chord in me but it got me to thinking about how a lot of child abusers are good at hiding things. How many stories have been posted here where the suspects either moved around to avoid detection or hid behind home schooling? A lot of them are eventually found out but too many of them go undetected until it’s too late.

The police and child protection agencies can’t be everywhere at once so we as citizens need to be their eyes and ears. Maybe you don’t know how to report child abuse. Do you call police, family services, your local crime stoppers? My answer to that is yes to any of the above. I asked someone who works for a child protection agency at what point should someone call in a suspected case of child abuse. They told me if you have any suspicion of child abuse to notify someone. It doesn’t have to be physical signs like bruises or cuts. In case you don’t know who to contact I found a list of each agency in each US state and how they can be contacted. As the old adage goes if you see something say something. However let me also add that you shouldn’t go looking for child abuse everywhere you look. If you look for abuse everywhere you’ll see abuse everywhere whether it exists or not.

I’ll have that link posted on the sidebar as well.

Thanks to Victoria for the tip.

Return of the exploding e-cigs


We have yet another exploding e-cig in the UK and the Daily Mail is there. However much like they did with the MRSA study they buried the facts deep into the article.

The device came with a charging lead but no plug, she said, so she used a phone charger – contrary to the maker’s instructions.

You know the e in e-cig stands for electronic right? When used properly electricity is one of the greatest boons to all mankind. However when you use it improperly it can bite you in your dumb ass.

If the manufacturers instructions say not to use a certain type of charger than you don’t use that charger. But yeah, let’s blame that on e-cigarettes. What’s the British equivalent of the word dumbass? Git? I think it’s git. What a worthless git.

Trench's adventures in Linux: Numix Bluish theme

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Tested out a few release candidates and betas this week but since they’re not final versions I’ll wait until the final versions come out before giving them a proper review.

Instead I want to tell you about a really great desktop theme for Ubuntu based distros and that would be the Numix Bluish theme by Noobs Labs. I like this theme a lot and according to their website it can be used with a multitude of desktops including, Gtk 2/Gtk 3, Xfce, Unity, Openbox, and Gnome Shell/Gnome Classic/Mate. I personally use it on my Voyager 14.04 install which as I’ve mentioned before is based on Xubuntu that comes with the XFCE desktop and it works great. Alongside the Bluish theme I’ve also installed the Numix Circle Icons to go along with it.

This is a very good theme with a lot of eye candy that makes up for some of the terrible themes that ship with some distros *cough*UbuntuandMint*cough*.

Medical Experts: Don't blame shootings on Asperger's


Blaming shootings on autism a mistake: experts:

I was going to just add this as an update to my post about the Isla VIsta shootings but I decided that this not only needs its own post and I didn’t want to give that narcissistic pissant any more undue attention.

Anyway, blaming killings on Asperger’s is nothing new. It didn’t start with Adam Lanza and probably won’t end with this latest assclown. As far back as 2005 I’ve been trying to make it clear to the more ignorant among us that Asperger’s does not cause nor is it an excuse for mass killings. If you won’t believe me will you believe a medical expert in the field of Autism?

Dr. Daniel Son, a Los Angeles psychiatrist, says Asperger’s actually does not exist as an official diagnosis among mental health professionals anymore, though it still is a commonly used term. He says as of a year ago, it now is simply considered part of the autism spectrum, and most who had been diagnosed with Asperger’s are thought to be high functioning and able to live relatively normal lives.

Son, who treats a number of young autism patients, says that obsessive behavior can result from the disease and patients can become fixated on certain issues. But other factors usually come into play when behavior becomes overwhelmingly violent.

“It’s really more associated with a troubled upbringing rather than the autism,” Son said.

Emphasis mine.

I’ll go one step further than that and say it was bad parenting. John Odgren was allowed to keep an extensive knife collection while having an unhealthy obsession with forensics and how he thought he could get away with the perfect murder. Adam Lanza was allowed unfettered access to guns even though his mother knew he had mental issues unrelated to Asperger’s. Lastly it seems that the no one told the Santa Barbara scumbag growing up that the world doesn’t owe him anything no matter how much money he has.

In reality these three are just more examples of how we’re raising generations of emotional marshmallows with an over-inflated sense of entitlement. The only things that are responsible for these crimes are the egomaniacs that committed them.

Dallas Backpage pimp lured teen through Mocospace

Dallas man accused of luring teen to run away via social media, prostitute:

Man accused of selling 13-year-old runaway for sex for three months:

Ladarin Franklin

If this was an SAT test it would be one of those sentences like Mocospace is to Texas like Pennsylvania is to MeetMe. The Lone Star State’s fascination with the social site/mobile gaming app continues.

32-year-old Ladarin Franklin, aka Bloodshot, of Dallas is accused of allegedly luring a 13-year-old girl into prostitution after meeting the girl on Mocospace. Franklin is accused of convincing the girl to leave home and turning her out for 3 months. Where did he turn the girl out? Why Backpage of course. Another criminal mastermind who got past Backpage’s defenses, or just some guy with a pre-paid credit card probably.

I can’t stress this enough to parents, know what apps are on your kids’ phones and know who everyone is on theor friends list.

As for Backpage the young girl who was forced to be raped by strangers for money is just another exercise in their free speech if you ask them.

Candy makers want their names off of e-juices

Not an e-cig

Not an e-cig

We’ve all heard the argument that e-cigs and vaping are targeted towards children because they have flavors like cotton candy and bubble gum. I don’t believe that argument but it doesn’t help our case when some e-juice manufacturers are using the actual names of candy products.

Owners of brands geared toward children of all ages are battling to keep notable names like Thin Mint, Tootsie Roll and Cinnamon Toast Crunch off the flavored nicotine used in electronic cigarettes.

General Mills Inc., the Girl Scouts of the USA and Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. are among several companies that have sent cease-and-desist letters to makers of the liquid nicotine demanding they stop using the brands and may take further legal action if necessary.

Let me speak for all vapers everywhere to the makers of e-juices with these trademark infringing names. YOU’RE NOT HELPING!

You’re just giving the ill-informed anti-vaping zealots more ammunition for their ignorance guns. Change the names dumbasses.

Florida craigslist creeper only wanted to have sex with kids if it was cool with their dad

FBI: Man traveled to have sex with two girls:

Edward Vadney

The article I linked to is really short but how could I pass on that mugshot? Yeesh.

Anyway, 23-year-old Edward Vadney of Winter Haven, Florida, was arrested in Seminole County, Florida, after allegedly posting an ad on craigslist. The ad seemed to indicate that Vadney wanted to have sex with young children. Responding to the ad was a father of two, a 6-year-old and a 10-year-old. Vadney allegedly responded that he would only have sex with the children if it was ‘cool’ with their father.

Of course since you’re reading this here and it did take place in Florida the father turned out to be an FBI agent and Vadney was arrested.

No word on if he also planned on stealing the children’s souls.

Still, no one cares except me apparently that craigslist doesn’t monitor their own site for cretins like this even though they probably inhabit every section of the site.

UPDATE 1/6/2015: Vadney was sentenced to 17 years in federal prison. Thanks to sweetd for the update.

Study shows e-cigs better than patches and gum


A recent study done by the University College London shows what many vapers and e-cig users already knew, that e-cigs are more effective at helping people quit smoking than the nicotine patch or nicotine gum and cold turkey.

Researchers surveyed nearly 6000 adults in the U.K. who tried to quit smoking at least once in the past year. Those who said they only used e-cigarettes to try to quit had a higher rate of self-reported abstinence (20%) than people who used OTC nicotine replacement therapies (10%) or no smoking cessation aids (15%). The differences remained after adjusting for the level of nicotine dependence.


I think the reason is obvious. The patch and gum have very rigid requirements. You have to decrease in a certain amount of time and stop using in this amount of time. What if you’re not ready to step down yet? Every person is a different case. Other can handle the steep decreases better than others, for the rest of us there is vaping where we can decrease the amount of nicotine we intake when it best suits us.

Let’s also not forget one important fact, one the FDA should realize as well. While e-cigs and vaporizers have been great in helping a lot of people quit smoking they are not marketed as smoking cessation devices. They are marketed as cigarette replacements.

Trench on the Isla Vista shootings

Not pictured Elliot Rodger

Not pictured Elliot Rodger

I debated on whether or not I would post about the Isla Vista shootings then I figured maybe both of my readers would like to hear my thoughts. This will probably be the only post I make on the subject.

The media seems to want to make this out as some sort of school shooting as evidenced by all the news alerts I keep receiving about the deadliest campus shootings in US history referencing names like Cho Seung-Hui and Stephen Kazmierczak. Even though a lot of residents of Isla Vista attend UC Santa Barbara I would not consider this a school shooting in the unfortunate sense we’ve all come to know even though there are similarities.

Like most school shooters Elliot Rodger had an over-inflated sense of entitlement and used violence to try to resolve his own inadequacies. As evidenced in his YouTube videos Rodger felt that he not only deserved women but that the world owed it to him. It’s also believed that Rodger died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound like also like most school shooters. What I prefer to call taking the coward’s way out. Rodger also had many online rants and manifestos documenting his ‘plight’. Even with all those similarities I wouldn’t call this a school shooting or even a campus shooting as Rodger did not attend UCSB and didn’t see the school as the root of the problem. Not to mention that the shooting didn’t even take place on campus. None of that matters anyway since a number of families are mourning the victims of this spoiled psychopathic assclown.

Let’s examine his supposed motive for a second. Rodger felt slighted by the world because he was 22, didn’t have a girlfriend and was still a virgin. To that I say, get in line pal. I was one of those kids who didn’t have a girlfriend all through high school. To me rejection from a woman was the worst possible thing I could possibly think of. It wasn’t until I was almost 20 until I lost my virginity and I didn’t have rich parents or a cool car either. When most guys are frustrated that they can’t find a woman they engage in a certain private activity and go to sleep, not commit mass murder. For any kids out there that think what this scumbag did is the way to go I say wait. You may be without a girl now but more than likely you will find your stride. Be patient, I eventually found mine and I was a geek before it was even remotely considered cool.

Another thing I wanted to touch on is that I’ve seen reports that say Rodger had Asperger’s. Again I have to reiterate to the more ignorant among us that not every person with Asperger’s is a killer in waiting. While it may have explained his lack of game with the female persuasion Rodger was obviously broken in other ways That caused him to think that committing mass murder was the rational response to not having a girlfriend. You can’t have a girlfriend when you’re dead and you’ll probably be one in prison.

Life isn’t fair kids. It never has been and it never will be. Sometimes the douchebag will get the hot girl. That’s just the way it is. The sooner you learn that and accept it the better off you’ll be as a more well-adjusted human being. You can’t change the world but you can change the world around you by being a better person.

Trench's adventüres in Linüx: Emmabuntüs 2 and Wine Browser


A few weeks ago after I did my review of Voyager 14.04 I received an e-mail asking me to do a review of another French Linux distro, Emmabuntüs 2. When I went to Distrowatch to read up on it I saw that it was based on Xubuntu and comes with the Cairo Dock already installed. I knew this was going to be a great distro. I just didn’t know how great.

If you want to read some good technical reviews of Emmabuntüs please go here and here. When I read those reviews I found out that Emmabuntüs is specifically designed for older computers that are going to be re-purposed and donated to charity, based on the principles of the French charity organization Emmaüs. How could you say anything bad about a distro with that purpose? You could but it wouldn’t be warranted because this is a great distro.

Like I said about Voyager the French really know how to make a great distro. They are very passionate about their open source software and Emmabuntüs 2 is no different. Also like Voyager it comes pre-installed with a lot of very useful software, even more so than Voyager. I only had to install one application that wasn’t already on it. Now because of all that great software the iso file weighs in at a whopping 3.5 GB. If you use Unetbootin like I do I’d recommend using a USB stick that is greater than 4GB just to be on the safe side. When installing Emmabuntüs 2 to a computer it requires at least 15GB of hard drive. While it is a hefty sized distro that doesn’t mean that it’s slow. It ran fine on my EEEBox with no problems. It also comes pre-installed with both Firefox and Chromium browsers. Usually when a distro comes with Chromium I swap it out for Chrome because Chromium tends to give me some issues, not this time however, it’s been running like a top .

If I had any complaints about Emmabuntüs 2 they would also be sort of compliments. There’s so much software on here that a new user to Linux may get overwhelmed by all the good stuff that’s on here. Also both browsers come pre-installed with adblocking and parental plugins already turned on. As an intermediate Linux user I didn’t care for that but a new user may welcome that since it may be their only computer in the whole house that children may also use. So again what I consider a flaw others would consider a feature.

So if you’re the type that fixes up old computers to donate and uses Linux as the OS I highly recommend Emmabuntüs 2. Plus it has an umlaut in the name. It doesn’t get any cooler than that.


I’m currently looking for a new job. When you apply to jobs online these days they sometimes have you do an assessment. I came across that this past week. The problem was it wouldn’t let me do the assessment on Linux. Considering I no longer have a computer that runs Windows this was going to be problematic. That was until I found Wine Browser.

Wine is an application that allows you to run some Windows applications in Linux. Wine Browser is a version of Firefox that runs in Wine. Once I installed it I was able to take the assessment with no problem at all. It can be downloaded here. Just remember that if you need to use it you have to launch it using the terminal.

I don’t know if I got the job yet but thanks to Wine Browser I at least had the chance.