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Documents reveal details of Berrendo Middle School shooting:

News station KOB in Albuquerque is stating that they have ‘hundreds of pages of documents from the investigation into the Berrendo Middle School shooting’. Yet what they focus on is the possible bullying of shooter Mason Campbell.

The woman, who owns Glenn’s Furniture Store in Roswell, says she recognized Campbell’s face on the news. She said he and his grandmother were in her store around Thanksgiving, and Campbell told her how he was tired of being bullied. He reportedly said he planned to saw the butt off of his shotgun, bring it to school, and fire it into the air to get people to listen to him.

The store owner says Campbell’s grandmother heard the whole thing and told her not to listen a word he said. Campbell reportedly replied, “See, nobody listens to me.”

Ok, so the shooting itself happened in January yet this woman supposedly remembers this conversation and Campbell’s face from around Thanksgiving. Granted it’s a conversation worth remembering but human memory isn’t the most reliable.

Also for a moment let’s say the story is 100% accurate, according to police Campbell shot at random including shooting 12-year-old Nathaniel Tavarez in the face with a shotgun. Nathaniel was not his supposed intended target.

Not to mention I’d like to know if he was bullied what he considered bullying because as we know bullying has pretty much lost all meaning in today’s society.

Lastly let’s not forget that bullying is never an excuse to commit mass murder.

2 thoughts on “Was the Berrendo Middle School shooter bullied? Does it matter?

  1. edrebber says:

    I think the bullying theory falls under the the umbrella of battered person syndrome. Unfortunately, the media isn’t qualified to make this determination because this is a legal conclusion that must determined by a court based on the facts of each individual case. The media is trying to create a stereotype of all bullied individuals, when in fact they don’t all behave the same. The shooter may well be able to show that the killing was justified, regardless of any bullying. It’s also possible that the shooter, who was a victim of bullying, chose to kill for reasons other than the bullying.

    Certainly, if the shooter kills people who were not directly responsible for the bullying, then this whole battered person syndrome theory is complete and utter nonsense. There isn’t any legal precedent that would allow someone to kill with premeditation, when the person does not represent any threat to them.


    1. sweetd says:

      Very good comment! Thanks for the good read!


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