Chardon High gunman has LWOP sentence upheld

Chardon school shooter T.J. Lane’s conviction is upheld by appeals court; judges say life sentence was just:

T.J. Lane
T.J. Lane

In a unanimous decision the 11th District Court of Appeals of Ohio upheld the sentence of now 19-year-old T.J. Lane. Lane was sentenced to life without parole for the shooting deaths of Russel King Jr., Demetrius Hewlin and Daniel Parmentour at Chardon High School in Ohio. If you’ll recall, at his sentencing Lane gave the families of the victim’s the finger and made very disparaging remarks about the victims.

His lawyer was arguing that Lane should not have been given life without parole because Lane was 17 at the time and suffered from auditory hallucinations. The court didn’t buy it…

“Further, we cannot say (Lane’s) sentence of life in prison without parole is so disproportionate to the crimes he committed as to shock the community’s sense of justice,’’ the decision says.

“Although (Lane’s) sentence is severe, it is not disproportionately so. He shot six students in school, three of whom were killed and another paralyzed without provocation and in cold blood. The horrific and senseless nature of this homicide is compounded by the fact that, at sentencing, (Lane) showed no remorse and even contempt for his victims and their families.’’

The court’s decision even included how Lane was faking it when he claimed to have heard voices.

Lane is also being held in isolation. The article doesn’t say why but it sounds like he’s not being the model prisoner.

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  1. I think this is a case of ‘Like father, like son’ both wired up wrong! And how about the defense lawyer trying that old chestnut ‘The voices made T J do it’
    T J and his insanity plea! Like that’s gonna work!!!

    1. I’m actually from Cleveland this town is about 30-45mins from me. This kid is such a loser. A complete failure as a human being. I almost wish the news would stop coving this case, he loves the attention. Btw it’s really hard in Ohio to get an insanity plea, nobody ever buys it.

      1. Right – It’s a clear cut case of a ‘loser’, tired of life and because of the huge chip on his shoulder decides he might as well make a name for himself by murdering three other people. And now he’s a ‘guest’ of the American penal system who pick up the tab for his living expenses! whereas a few thousand volts in the chair would be more cost effective than paying for the twat to live at the expense of the American tax payer!

        1. Lol 95% of Ohio would agree with you! Unfortunately I’ve heard death sentences cost more, I’m guessing bc of appeals. And he’s soo young. He’ll be a drain for awhile, a lot of these sociopaths (I’m assuming he’s one) wouldn’t dream of killing themselves. I can just hope he pulls a “Ariel Castro” so we can be done with him.

          “A hit list? Shit when I was a kid that was a list of ppl you wanted to punch in the face. Not shoot with an AR 15”. -My father April 2012

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