Ohio man creeps craigslist while on family vacation in Florida

Edison grad indicted by federal grand jury on child porn charge:

Sex-sting suspect admits watching molestation live on Internet, FBI says:

Zachary Perdue

Zachary Perdue

Zachary Perdue, age unknown, of Norwalk, Ohio, was recently indicted in a Florida courtroom on charges of child porn and attempted online child luring. Police say that Perdue allegedly placed an ad on the casual encounters section of craigslist looking for sex with a girl of any age. Perdue was in the Orlando area on a family vacation. No word on what family members were with him. I seriously hope it wasn’t his wife and kids.

Perdue did receive a response to his ad from a 14-year-old girl. After asking the girl for sex and sending her explicit pictures Perdue said that he wanted to meet the girl in a public place. He said he was concerned about being set up like in “To Catch A Predator”. Guess what. He was.

When he went to meet the girl at a Sanford, Florida, gas station he was instead met by the police. When police searched his phone they say that they found child porn and his phone of kids between the ages of 5 and 10. He also supposedly admitted to police that he had previously watched some guy molest the guy’s son over the internet.

I know I’m flogging a deceased equine here but some people would have you believe that assclowns like this are just innocent victims being set up by the money hungry police in Florida. And craigslist would have you believe their site doesn’t need moderation. Neither of those statements are true.

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    1. Trench Reynolds

      Not surprising. For all its faults Florida seems to be on the ball about this. Although I did find a little funny that an actual pizza delivery guy showed up.

      1. sweetd

        Lol you know his accuse was: Child porn? Oh no I’m just here to deliver a pizza. There’s no cure for stupid and no cure for the perverse so these jerks are screwed.


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