Oregon craigslist creeper wanted a “young TEEN”

Man charged with ‘luring a minor’ on Craigslist:

James C. Nickell
James C. Nickell

27-year-old James C. Nickell was arrested by police in Portland, Oregon, after allegedly posting a personal ad on craigslist that said he wanted to have sex with a “young TEEN.” Police posed as a 16-year-old boy and responded to the ad. Oregon age of consent is 18. They say that Nickell quickly responded back asking for “pictures and age.”

A meeting was set up at a fast food joint naturally and Nickell was arrested after leaving the restaurant upon noticing the ‘teen’ wasn’t there. When interviewed by police Nickell allegedly claimed that he thought that he was ‘role-playing’ with someone who was 18.

That may just be the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard given by one of these creepers. It’s even less believable than the ‘just hanging out’ line. That’s insulting to just about everyone’s intelligence.

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  1. It gets a bit confusing. In some states it’s legal if the older party has 4 years or less an age difference to the younger party.

    However, even if it is legal, one should still not mack on 17 year old girls. Just ask James Franco about it sometime.

    1. In the UK, where I’m from and live, the legal age of consent re: sexual intercourse between people is 16 years of age, but, unfortunately child molesters and their like seek out and groom children much younger than 16 years of age.

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