Sparks Middle shooter was a 12-year-old mutant


Nevada school shooter had photos of Columbine gunmen on his phone, left 2 suicide notes:

Chilling details, no motive in Nev. school shooting:

For those of you who may not remember back in October of last year 12-year-old Jose Reyes took a gun to Sparks Middle School in Sparks, Nevada and ended up shooting and killing teacher Michael Landsberry and himself. Recently the Sparks police released a 1300 page report about the shootings.

Now normally I don’t blame these shootings on video games and I’m not now but look at some of the video games this 12-year-old had…

Forty-seven of the 69 video games in the boy’s collection were “violent themed first-person shooter or shooter type games” such as “grand Theft Auto V,” ”Assassins Creed” and “Call of Duty 4.”

Who the hell gets these kind of games for a 12-year-old? These are all M-rated games in the US which means they’re not suitable for anyone under 17. While I’m all for adults being able to play any video game they want if a 12-year-old is exposed to violent games like this it can warp their mind in regards to violence. That’s why they have the ratings but the ratings are only as good as the player’s parents.

Speaking of parents, this is actually not surprising considering that it was his parents’ gun that he used and the only excuse they’ve given is they didn’t know that he knew they had a gun. When I was 12 I knew everything that my dad had and where he hid it. Luckily for both of us they were only a couple of vintage Playboys but 12-year-olds know more of your secrets than you think they do. By the way the Reyes’ are not being charged with any crime even though their gun was unlocked and easily accessible.

What strikes me most about this report is that Reyes was in fact a mutant. Again, that’s my term for a fanboy of the Columbine shooters. Reyes had pictures of the Columbine cowards Harris and Klebold on his cell phone. On his laptop he also had a copy of the Columbine fanboy masturbatory homemade game Super Columbine Massacre RPG.

Also on his cell phone were two suicide notes that seem to be somewhat conflicting…

In one to “teachers and students,” Allen said the boy “clearly expressed anger … over his belief that he was embarrassed and mistreated at school” and “indicated he would get revenge.”

Reyes wrote that he’d been called gay, lazy, stupid, an idiot, had his money stolen and been accused of wetting his pants.

“Well that all ends. Today I will get revenge on the students and teachers for ruining my life,” he wrote, adding that he would bring a pistol and rifle to school “to shoot you and see how you like it when someone (sic) making fun of you.”

“Have a great death at school,” he said on the one-page note of spiral notebook paper he closed with a drawing of a tombstone that read: “Sparks Middle School 1965-2013.”

But in the second contradictory note to his parents, he said “this shooting is not because of the shooting games, bullying or other stuff.” He said it was because “some bad things in the past cause of me.”

“And now I’m just a monster,” Reyes wrote. “If you hate me and my family doesn’t love me it’s okay. I know that I’m just an idiot. But I love you and I wish the past would be good and better someday.”

It seems like to me that the parenting in the Reyes household went from one extreme to the other. They’re either buying an underage kid M-rated games and letting him do what he wants or he’s getting hit by his father.

With that kind of parenting it should be no surprise the kid turned out like this. It’s just unfortunate that he had to use violence in trying to make up for his own inadequacies and take the life of another.

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