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Tigard man who met victims through Craigslist convicted of rape again:

Ronald Leistiko

Ronald Leistiko

Justice delayed may be justice denied but at least it’s justice served. Ronald Leistiko of Tigard, Oregon, was the very first craigslist rapist I ever posted about way back in 2007. He was accused of raping two people that he met through craigslist. One was a 25-year-old exotic dancer and the other a 15-year-old child prostitute. In 2008 Leistiko was convicted of rape and sentenced to 25 years behind bars. Then in 2012 the craigslist rape convictions were overturned after the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that a witness who claimed that she was raped by Leistiko but not one of the victims in the trial was allowed to testify.

This past week Leistiko was convicted once again of raping these two victims. Once again his lawyers tried arguing that the sex was consensual.

Defense attorney Lawrence Taylor argued that the victims were not believable.

The teenager refused to take the cash Leistiko offered her, Taylor said. Prostitution is all about money, he argued, so it didn’t make sense for her to turn down payment.

And, Taylor said, the girl’s pimp didn’t seek retribution for her even though part of a pimp’s job is to prevent rape.

Wow, who’s lower a child rapist or the man who tries to justify his clients intentions?

He’s scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow so keep your eyes out on this post for the outcome. I pray to God that it’s more than the 25 years he originally received. This scumbag fits the definition of monster to a t.

12 thoughts on “Tigard craigslist rapist convicted once again of craigslist rapes

  1. Buffettgirl says:

    I didn’t know about this one until today, and I live in the town JUST south of Tigard!


    1. edrebber says:

      I know what you mean. There was a Craig’s list rape in my locality a while back, and I found out about it first on this website. Only one local TV station reported it and it wasn’t in the local newspaper. It’s not politically correct to report crimes that involve the internet.


      1. Buffettgirl says:

        That must be why… Seriously, I can throw a rock across the river that is about 500 yards from me and it will land in Tigard! Creeeeeeeepy!


    2. Just shows that it can happen anywhere.


      1. Edward T. says:

        I was directed to this site by some Bad Breeder site. Anyway, this is my first time on this site, so bare with me.

        I love babies, kids and in a good way and not in these satanic ways of course. Needless to say, I consider myself a sever risk taker and add that in with a sadistic laid-back and care-free personality, I think criminals should be more afraid of me than he other way around.

        Anyway, to get to the point of mu message is that there was a recent double kidnap/rape case involving two kids one kidnapped and the other kidnapped and raped.


      2. Edward T. says:

        And since I am in between jobs and got some unemployed time on my hands, anywhere I go for the most part, I will keep a very keen eye and open-mind looking or this douchebag and then some.

        I must state that enough facts are out that I really think I can get this bastard. But since it one of the bigger metro cities in Canada, I doubt it be an overnight duty.

        With that being said, I do have a few things to ask for some help and hopefully I can get some insight and suggestions.


        1. Edward T. says:

          Since the two girls that were harmed were young enough, that the make/model of the car is non-existent though, it has been stated that it is a dark-colored vehicle. I am color-blind, and unless the two girls were, wouldn’t they have just said a dark color like red, black instead of actually saying a dark-colored vehicle…?


      3. Edward T. says:

        It has been described am that the loser wore a long-sleeved, white dress short with a white undershirt underneath and that the assailant was Asian and skinny-faced. Now I bring up his demographics because I am a fellow Asian but obviously way more educated, better-looking and the godsend list goes on, but don’t his demographics sort of spill out as a restaurant cook (75%), unemployed/work from home (15%), convenience store worker/gas station attendant (10%).

        So, let me get to the story succinctly w/I boring you viewers. So it happened this past Saturday around 730, which is a pretty bad time to be having your kids out just walking about w/o supervision (I don’t know what the parents were thinking, but try have been through enough). Anyway, so he picks them up, brim them across town to the city’s biggest, yet most secluded park for some chill time I guess and then to a busy intersection for some fast food (where I will definitely be going door-to-door asking about this guy and if they have surveillance tapes or not. Does anybody know if a Subway would have survillance…?


      4. Edward T. says:

        He dropped off one girl back to the exact area where he picked them up (to me this seems he either knows the area pretty good which I am thinking of doing small area search for the guys car, and any house without a car, I will take note and then come back at another date/time).

        With that being said, he then drives the other girl to an unknown location. Now from this unknown location was about half an hour after he dropped the first girl. So, lets say he went to a park surrounding park (5-10 mins) rape (5-10 mins) drive back (5-10 mins). So what I have to cover is that if it was only 5 mins of sex, that could lead to another 5-15 mins that they drove there and back, right…? I don’t see this guy doing any other pit stops like his earlier moronic fast-food flaunt.


      5. Edward T. says:

        Lastly, that is the entire story, and all I have to work with. I think the car is what I have to first identify and look for, which may be a needle in a haystack, but I sill confident nonetheless.

        Now back or the car part of the case the hardest part I have been scratching my head is that apparently the girls did there was an antenna at the back end of the car. See, if there a hint of whatever car make/model, it would be just a matter of time as I can spot and identify nearly every car known to man. But since I just recently did a search on semi-new cars, I looked at their antennas and they all had them on the roof or at the back-end side of the roof and some are new antennas and not like the antennas like the good old days. So my question is (which is I am still waiting word on one of my car expert friends), were there not cars with antennas situated like cars with front antennas back in the day, and perhaps the girls saw that and just stated it was a semi-new car because the nympho kept his shit clean and organized…?


      6. Edward T. says:

        Almost to the home stretch folks, sorry for the length, it is an impeccable habit that most people dislike about my online rants and tellings but its me…:).

        Furthermore, a good telling lead I have going for me is that his car consisted of black and white interior. So, basically I am going to spot as many Asian male drivers, then look at antenna and better yet he interior if possible while driving and that should be that.

        All information, feedback and/or suggestions are welcome and you can reach me at


        1. Am I missing the point here or are you saying that you’re trying to be some kind of vigilante?


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