Black Hitler: Bitch set me up

‘Black Hitler’: Alleged hooker made the whole thing up:

Sherman Gamble

Sherman Gamble

I originally posted about 54-year-old Sherman Gamble of Manhattan, aka Black Hitler, here. He was arrested back in March for not only allegedly prostituting several women on Backpage but also for attempted murder, kidnapping, assault and strangulation. The name Black Hitler is derived from what he allegedly said to a prostitute that he is accused of savagely beating.

“I am going to kill you,” bellowed the one-man Gestapo during the beatings, claimed the hooker, who originally told cops she was Gamble’s grandson’s nanny. “You don’t know who I am. I am the black Hitler!”

Gamble was offered a plea deal for three years but he rejected it. He’s claiming that this victim made the whole story up.

“He’s not considering it,” said his lawyer Norman Steiner. “This case is a fabricated story by a not credible witness who masqueraded as a nanny to avoid having her parents find out she was a prostitute.”

Yeah, because violent pimps are obviously more trustworthy.

Personally I think the plea deal is pathetic. This scumbag deserves to be in prison for life. No word on how much time he’s facing at trial but whatever it is it won’t be enough.

Meanwhile Backpage just keeps counting their money from the ads placed by filth like Gamble.

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  1. ronni

    What a pig…or is that an insult to our porcine brethren?

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Pigs are at least useful….and tasty,

  2. william

    This world needs cleansing of all the evil shit masquerading as human beings. All shit needs to be flushed away and this world needs cleansing of
    Gamble and his like.


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