Daily Mail: Vaping will give you the flesh eating disease


Ok, they really didn’t say that but they might as well have with this troll-tastic headline…

Are e-cigarette smokers at risk from superbugs? Vapour helps deadly bacteria to thrive, say scientists

The superbug in question they’re referring to is MRSA. While it’s not the flesh eating disease, aka necrotizing fasciitis, it’s still a pretty nasty bug to get. So how do vapers get this lovely infection?

A study found that vapour from trendy e-cigarettes makes the hard-to-treat MRSA superbug more toxic.

And, in a double whammy, the nicotine-laden vapour also weakens the body’s ability to fight the multi-antibiotic resistant bug.

Most people will stop reading right there and will bleat on about how dangerous vaping is but buried deep in the article is this little tidbit.

However, the study also failed to give real cigarettes a clean bill of health. In fact, they were found to fuel MRSA even more than the electronic versions.

Still in either case you have to come into contact with MRSA first. The headline would have you believe that you get MRSA just from vaping which is just another arrow in the quiver of misinformation.

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