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Family confronts Jacques as killer sentenced to life:


Michael Jacques

It’s been six long years since Michael Jacques brutally raped and murdered his 12-year-old niece, Brooke Bennett. While it hasn’t come to the conclusion I would have hoped it has finally come to a conclusion. After being called a coward by Brooke’s mother when she gave her impact statement to the court Jacques was sentenced to life in prison plus 70 years with no possibility of parole. While Vermont has no death penalty Jacques was looking at a federal death penalty since he used MySpace and the internet to lure Brooke to her death. Last August Jacques pleaded guilty in a move which saw him spared the death penalty.

In a statement at his sentencing, Jacques said he was sorry and ashamed. Probably only sorry and ashamed that he got caught.

Jacques was also a registered sex offender who was released early for completing a ‘program’.

Brooke Bennett

Brooke Bennett

Maybe Brooke’s spirit can finally get some peace.

One thought on “Michael Jacques finally sentenced for the brutal murder of Brooke Bennett

  1. william says:

    It’s my opinion that a person comes into this world ‘wired up’ to be whatever in life and no amount of therapy can change a murdering child rapist into a non murdering child rapist. We know that some criminals ‘see the light’ and stop being a criminal and are labelled ‘reformed’ and are integrated into society and warn others of the consequences of pursuing a criminal career,
    proving that individuals can change deviant behaviour. In the case of Michael Jacques who raped and murdered his niece, after completion of a ‘program’ I say that Jacques came into this world ‘wired up’ to be a deviant and there is no ‘program’ in existence that will modify ( or ) change his behaviour. Some deviants say they are remorseful about what they have done, and Jacques more than likely professed his remorse during the ‘program’ he undertook.
    When will the ‘experts’ realise that the ‘programs’ they implement are fundamentally flawed in the same way the deviants who agree to participate in the ‘programs’ are fundamentally flawed.


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