Neck tattoo throws baby daughter in pool to teach her a lesson

Dad allegedly throws toddler into pool to teach her a lesson:

Corey McCarthy
Corey McCarthy

When I was about 3 or 4 my family went on vacation somewhere. I was too young to remember where we were but what I do remember is that the hotel we stayed at had an indoor pool. Hotel pools are one of the most favorite things of children, at least they were 40 years ago. I was not a good swimmer and stuck to the kiddie pool. However my mom wanted to try to teach me how to swim. The shallow end of the pool couldn’t have been more than 3 feet deep but at that age it might as well have been 50 feet. When my mom let go so I could paddle on my own I sank like a rock. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life, watching my mom get farther and farther away from me. Luckily my dad swooped in to save the day and I was no worse for wear. While I don’t have a phobia of water I’ll never forget how scared I was that day. I imagine that’s how the 23-month-old daughter of Corey McCarthy of Phoenix, Arizona, must have felt.

McCarthy’s daughter is said to have accidentally dropped a five-week-old puppy into the pool where the puppy died. While tragic it doesn’t require what McCarthy allegedly did next. To ‘teach’ his daughter a lesson he flung her into the pool. You can see the video at the linked article. She definitely goes under the water. A woman was able to rescue the baby before there could be any permanent damage.

Now in my story I sank. This poor little girl was thrown into the water so the fall probably added an increased amount of terror. According to the girl’s mother, who is estranged from McCarthy she says there is a part of the video where he’s hosing his daughter down in what she calls a form of torture.

Usually this where I would put in what ‘they’ should do but supposedly McCarthy is in the jail’s infirmary after getting beat up. It wasn’t made clear by whom. I may or my not have had a smile on my face when I typed that.

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  1. Hmmm, it seems this particular bad breeder may have ‘accidentally’ tripped entering his cell… Thank The Lord those two big burly men helped him up and ‘dusted’ him off. Really should have watched where he walked.

  2. Poor animal ownership and poor parenting! The girl should not have been allowed unsupervised near the puppies until she understood that that the puppies were living things with feelings. She should have not been allowed near the fucking POOL unsupervised, and neither should the puppies. Looks like he was already left “unsupervised” in gen pop, let’s just hope he’s left a bit longer and the guys who beat him are shouted beers and smokes.

    1. Good point there. If the toddler had time to toss the puppy in and for it to drown, she had plenty of time to fall in and drown herself. Where are the adults, and why can the children access the pool without direct supervision?

      1. In our state of NSW, pools must fenced with a secure childproof lock on the gate. I imagine pool laws would be similar in the US?
        Although a stupid woman ended up getting her toddler killed because she propped the gate open so “the dog could get in”.

          1. I think that if a toddler has drowned because their parents pool didn’t have a fence or the gate was left open, the parents should be charged with negligence.
            It wouldn’t be any different to a child being allowed to wander the streets and get hit by a car.

        1. In the police report, it says she was unattended around the pool for approx. 25 minutes. 25 minutes!! Imagine what a kid can do in 25 mins unattended around a pool. Heck, kids drown in tubs when left unattended for a few minutes.

  3. Well gee, how’d that little bit of a temper tantrum work out for you assclown? Poor baby (and the puppy too!) I hope she won’t have to be near her father for a long, long time!

  4. Five week old puppy? Shouldn’t a dog that young be, idk near their motherland not by a body of water?

    This person can’t grasp the responsibility of dog ownership let alone fatherhood.

    And look at the fucking camera you pussy.

    1. Yes, exactly. 5 weeks is old enough for the puppy to be walking and exploring, but they still needed to safeguard the house and yard – especially with a pool. And especially because they had a small child as well, so the yard should have been made safe anyway.
      He looks like a petulant toddler.

      1. A 5 week old puppy isn’t legally allowed to be sold or given away here in NSW. They have to be 8 weeks old before being taken away from the mother.

        1. I pictured the kind of house that has a bunch of non-spayed dogs running around popping out litter after litter.

          1. Much like the adult humans who live there. I suppose the dogs can only follow the example that their owners set.

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