Medical Experts: Don't blame shootings on Asperger's


Blaming shootings on autism a mistake: experts:

I was going to just add this as an update to my post about the Isla VIsta shootings but I decided that this not only needs its own post and I didn’t want to give that narcissistic pissant any more undue attention.

Anyway, blaming killings on Asperger’s is nothing new. It didn’t start with Adam Lanza and probably won’t end with this latest assclown. As far back as 2005 I’ve been trying to make it clear to the more ignorant among us that Asperger’s does not cause nor is it an excuse for mass killings. If you won’t believe me will you believe a medical expert in the field of Autism?

Dr. Daniel Son, a Los Angeles psychiatrist, says Asperger’s actually does not exist as an official diagnosis among mental health professionals anymore, though it still is a commonly used term. He says as of a year ago, it now is simply considered part of the autism spectrum, and most who had been diagnosed with Asperger’s are thought to be high functioning and able to live relatively normal lives.

Son, who treats a number of young autism patients, says that obsessive behavior can result from the disease and patients can become fixated on certain issues. But other factors usually come into play when behavior becomes overwhelmingly violent.

“It’s really more associated with a troubled upbringing rather than the autism,” Son said.

Emphasis mine.

I’ll go one step further than that and say it was bad parenting. John Odgren was allowed to keep an extensive knife collection while having an unhealthy obsession with forensics and how he thought he could get away with the perfect murder. Adam Lanza was allowed unfettered access to guns even though his mother knew he had mental issues unrelated to Asperger’s. Lastly it seems that the no one told the Santa Barbara scumbag growing up that the world doesn’t owe him anything no matter how much money he has.

In reality these three are just more examples of how we’re raising generations of emotional marshmallows with an over-inflated sense of entitlement. The only things that are responsible for these crimes are the egomaniacs that committed them.

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