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Seattle Pacific shooting: Despite ‘rage inside,’ Aaron Ybarra found ‘not detainable’:


Another day has passed and a clearer picture is starting to emerge about what happened at Seattle Pacific University and maybe even a little bit of the why.

First off please allow me to extend my prayers and condolences to the friends and family of 19-year-old Paul Lee. Mr. Lee was the lone fatality in the shootings.

Getting back to the suspect, Aaron Ybarra, most reports are stating that Ybarra had severe mental issues and substance abuse issues. In 2010 he supposedly told police that he had a rage inside and wanted to kill himself and as many people as possible. In 2011 he went to the ER saying he was hearing the voice of Columbine coward Eric Harris urging him to commit violence. No word on if he wanted to have Dylan Klebold’s ghost babies. In 2012 he is reported to have said that he wanted SWAT to make him famous. So he is a mutant (Columbine fanboy) and this is more than likely a copycat shooting but the question is was he a mutant before or after he started having mental issues? Personally I think you have to have mental issues if you admire two cowards like that.

Speaking of the two cowards it seems that Ybarra may have had similar parenting…

He was twice evaluated by psychiatrists, but was found “not detainable” after his mother refused to have him admitted.

Again as a society we need to remove the stigma of getting help for mental health issues. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Personally i would rather have someone commit me than be a danger to others. It’s not a question about guns but of mental health. Where do we draw the line when someone’s mental health issues make them a danger to society against their right to freedom? Although I am curious where he got the gun from.

Ybarra is also said to be saying that he’s sorry about the shootings. That was said through his lawyer so take that for what it’s worth. As usual I bet he’s more sorry about being caught before he could take the coward’s way out. Speaking of which he’s on suicide watch. I pray that the he is not successful in taking his own life. His death would only make him a martyr to the Columbiners of the world.

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  1. Oliver Grant

    Funny that 100% of campus killers in North America are certifiably crazy people, but in Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Thailand and the Phillipines, they are Islamist terrorists: Islamist Terrorists Attack University of Anbar College Saturday June 7, 2014 In Anbar province in Iraq, terrorist gunmen from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant storm the campus of the University of Anbar, killing 3 guards and holding dozens of students hostage before withdrawing. (Sky News), (AP) Are the Islamists copying NAmericans, or are they pointing to a real motive and American have fallen for 100% of cover stories?

    1. Trench Reynolds

      I think I’ve entertained your off-topic, islamophobic, conspiracy laden comments long enough. But before I ban you Ollie, I’ll give you some advice. If you want to get your message out start your own website. It’s easy and it can be free if you use services like or Now feel the might of my…


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