One student and gunman dead at Reynolds High shooting

Gunman And Student Killed In Shooting:


One student has been killed and the gunman is believed to have taken his own life during a shooting at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon. So far, to my knowledge, the identities of the victim and the gunman have not yet been released.

I am saddened that another shooting has happened but unfortunately I’m not surprised. Recently there have been three very high-profile shootings in the US, Isla Vista, Las Vegas, and Seattle Pacific University. A lot of times high-profile shootings will influence other shootings but I can’t remember a time since there were 4 that were this close together.

What we can we do to prevent copycats? That’s the age-old question. I think the only way to prevent copycats from sprouting up would not to be report the events at all and that’s not a realistically viable solution. The public has every right to know what dangers lurk in their area especially if it could involve their children. Even if the media was to not release the names of the shooters I don’t think that would go very far in stopping copycats.

Shootings like this are usually a sign of mental illness. I think the best way to prevent not only copycats but these mass shootings in general is to do away with the stigma of seeking professional mental help. While I wasn’t planning any kind of violence I did reach out and sought professional help many times to help with my depression. I am not ashamed to admit it and neither should anyone else. If you need help get it and if you know someone who needs help, help them and support them.

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  1. ronni

    It would be nice if more mental health treatment were available, though.. Sometimes it is not an option.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      In the case of the SPU shooter it was offered multiple times but his mother didn’t want to have him detained.

      1. ronni

        I can’t see getting a Constitutional amendment passed to fix the issue of gun safety, so I don’t know what we are going to do. For me, turning schools into armed fortresses and issuing bulletproof blankets is not an answer, except as a stopgap.


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