SPU shooter went off his meds to ‘feel the hate’

Prosecutor: Seattle campus shooter went off meds:


Prosecutors in Seattle say that SPU gunman Aaron Ybarra went off his stopped taking his psychiatric medication before he went on his shooting spree because he wanted to ‘fell the hate’. No word yet on what the medication in question was but this will open the door once again for the anti-psychiatry Luddites to blame the shooting on his meds, even though they can never make up their minds if being on the meds or off the meds makes someone violent. With this evidence this leads me to believe that Ybarra was very cognizant of what he was planning since he was supposedly still on them when deciding to go on this shooting spree. I wonder is his mother knew if he was off his meds since she was the one who previously refused to have him detained.

Ybarra is also said to have had the pre-requisite journal in which he noted his admiration for the cowards from Columbine and Virginia Tech. That officially does make him a mutant or Columbiner if you will.

It was also noted that Ybarra may have scoped out other colleges besides SPU. Still no word on motive or why he picked SPU except for when he told police that he had hatred for the world in general.

He is facing a life sentence on first degree murder charges.

UPDATE 6/30/2014: Ybarra recently pleaded not guilty and his attorney is said to be pursuing an insanity defense.

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