Reynolds High victim and shooter identified

Oregon school shooting: Gunman identified as freshman Jared Michael Padgett:


The victim from the school shooting at Reynolds High in Oregon has been identified as 14-year-old Emilio Hoffman. So far police have been unable to find any connection to his killer, 15-year-old Jared Michael Padgett. Authorities have said that Pagdett took hos own life after exchanging gunfire with police.

The media seems to be making a big deal that Padgett was wielding an AR-15 ‘assault rifle’. I’m more concerned about how he was able to obtain the gun in the first place. Reports say he was able to remove it from its secured location and was owned by his family. Apparently the weapon wasn’t as secure as they thought.

If you choose to own a gun and you have kids in your home the gun can never be too secure.

UPDATE 6/25/2014: The gun used in the shooting belonged to Padgett’s older brother, but there is still no word on how the gun was secured and how Padgett was able to obtain it.

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