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If you suffer from asthma and can’t afford a prescription inhaler you probably lament the loss of the Primatene Mist inhalers. So do I. If you go to your local pharmacy and see a product called Asthmanefrin, that is supposedly designed to replace Primatene, do yourself a favor, avoid it if at all possible.

Over the past couple of years I’ve purchased way too many of their starter kits that contains the inhalation solution and the EZ Breathe Atomizer.


The reason I keep buying the starter kit is because the atomizer always stops working after about two weeks. Asthmanefrin will tell you that you have to clean it properly after each use for the atomizer to function properly. In my experience that doesn’t help. All the atomizers I’ve ever had no matter how I maintained them died after two weeks and once they die that’s it. You can’t get them working again. So to get a new one you have to buy the starter kit again which goes for $50 a pop and above. Still cheaper than prescription inhalers but less cost-effective if you’re having to buy a new one every two weeks.

Last year I worked for a pharmaceutical company and had access to industry news sources. At that time it was being reported that Primatene was on its way back to the market with a newly designed inhaler. As of the time I’m writing this it has not yet been brought to market. We can only hope it hits our store shelves soon.

12 thoughts on “Asthmanefrin: DO NOT BUY

  1. Barbara McLean says:

    I just received a reply to my request for replacement nebulizer – this is what they said:

    Thank you for your email. We regret to inform you that Nephron Pharmaceuticals no longer distributes or sells the EZ Breathe Atomizer, nor any of its components. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Asthmanefrin is still available for purchase for use with a rubber bulb nebulizer. Nephron does not manufacture this type of device however we would recommend you try calling your local pharmacy or search the internet to find a distributor. For your ongoing intermittent asthma needs, please consult your physician.

    Now, Nephron will honor requests for refunds with a valid proof of purchase within the warranty period of the device. Please contact our Customer Service at 1-855-999-3926 for refunding information. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

    It is disturbing that the refills are still being sold – they will be useless if you can’t find the nebulizer.


    1. I use this nebulizer and mix the solution with distilled water and it works for me. However your results may vary.


    2. ds says:

      The nebulizer with the cord option does very well, but I rinse the critical surfaces 3 times with distilled water after each use. Keep it in its case and replace the mouthpiece right away. It helps trap dust particles. I’ve used mine about one year. Their first designs was a tragedy! ds


  2. Jerry Edward says:

    I called the company, Nephron Pharmaceuticals (the horses mouth) and they informed me that it was ONLY the starter kit that was pulled off the market because the nebulizer was not working properly. Nephron is offering a nebulizer from MicroVaporDevices. Strangely, they (the FDA) requires a prescription from your doctor. Just have your doctor email a Rx to They are charging $79.95 for the nebulizer.
    Even my local CVS pharmacy told me that Asthmaneferin was discontinued. It is simply not true. This company originally produced Primatene Mist before the FDA got it’s crooked hands on it. I am like others, without Asthmaneferin I would have to live in a hospital where I can get a supply of epinephrine. I almost died from Albuterol and the doctors kept dosing me with more Albuterol – idiots.


    1. CA Pete says:

      Asthmaneferin is not discontinued, buy at Walmart, ask at pharmacy, usually kept in the back.


  3. CA Pete says:

    The nebulizer is ClinicalGuard HL100, you can buy the top as a part for $30. If you rinse it and place it in water with alcohol/chloroseptic right after use it lasts a long time.


  4. Sarah Smith says:

    The first one I bought did break. My next one did not and I have had same one for years and rarely clean it. The reason for this is that I get prescription albuterol and use that in the nebulizer. It is lighter on my lungs and easier on the machine. The packets that come with it are what clog it up.


  5. jamie says:

    My daughter has asthma. I can’t afford insurance and take her to the health department. They told me to buy asthmanefrin but we don’t know how to use it. We bought the refills and already have a nebulizer and a cup with the mouth piece. I just don’t know how to give it to her. Just put the medicine in and let her breath it. Not alot of medicine in there.


  6. Nat says:

    This is a good nebulizer & s decent price ; DeVilbiss Lexan – Manual Plastic Nebulizer/Atomizer Model # 45 -Sale Price: $29.95 ;


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