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Not a whole lot of detail on this story but in 2013 April Koch, 22, and Joshua Grabowski, 22, both of Irwin, Pennsylvania, are both accused of beating Koch’s then one-year-old daughter so bad that the toddler had a stroke. Of course when the couple were questioned they said that the girl, Gabriella Berry, fell out of her crib and hit her head on a coffee table. Once again innocent furniture is being blamed for something that idiots do.

Gabriella is now in the custody of her father Robert Berry but Koch still gets a four-hour a week supervised visit. Here’s Mr. Berry describing what his daughter has been going through…

Gabriella Berry’s father, Robert Berry, said the little girl is taking medication for seizures, sees a therapist up to three times a week and has to wear a brace on her left arm and left leg due to the injuries. He remains thankful she survived the alleged abuse.

“I just have to thank God. That’s really the only way to put it,” Robert Berry said. “I just hope she gets back to normal. That’s the biggest thing.”

I’ve seen adults try to deal with the after effects of a stroke and it broke my heart. I can’t even imagine a child who’s barely two having to deal with that.

Of course the alleged abusers are now expecting their own child. I wonder how long it will take before they have that child taken away from them.

Look, my message here is to abusers, you can’t fool the medical professionals. They can tell when a child has been abused. They are smarter than you will ever be. It just makes it worse for you if you try to hide it from police. Or you could, you know, not hit your kids in the first place you idiots.

I tried finding a charity or something where donations could be sent to help with Gabriella’s medical expenses but I wasn’t able to find one. If anyone finds it please leave it in the comments.

Thanks to Stephan for the tip.

7 thoughts on “Bad Breeder and Boyfriend accused of beating toddler into a stroke

  1. Buffettgirl says:

    If you cause a child to have a severe stroke because you are beating on them you should go straight to the electric chair, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. All you get in this little game of mine is death. It’s all you deserve!


    1. sweetd says:



    2. Alvin Tan says:

      To be blunt, the electric chair is merciful compared to what they did
      But the fools who blindly shriek “human rights” at all opportunities would make this loser their next soapbox if the punishment REALLY matched the crime
      Don’t those idiotic attention seekers ever stop to think about the human rights of the victim that were violated in the first place as well?!


      1. Buffettgirl says:

        No, they don’t. The victim is in the past after all. The perpetrators have all had miserable childhoods that steered them down the wrong path, they need tea and sympathy, not to be criminals for goodness sake… Did I get any of that sarcasm on you? Those people make me ill, it tends to make me cranky… -)


        1. Alvin Tan says:

          Those folks make me sick too
          Hence the vitriol 🙂


  2. AB says:

    How is the mother not in jail?!


  3. Scrappy says:

    just wondering, what kind of loser thinks up a story where the baby falls out of a bed onto a COFFEE TABLE? I realize I have a nice, middle-class life where we put the beds in separate rooms with chic names like, the children’s bedroom. Seriously, a coffee table, like next to a crib? And don’t 2 year olds get out of cribs and go to toddler beds, or big kid beds?

    oh wait, these people store their children in locked rooms and caged in “beds” so they don’t have to be bothered with actually raising them.


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