The Journal of the SPU shooter


Late last month a King County, Washington judge made the journal of the Seattle Pacific University shooter, Aaron Ybarra, public. In shootings of this nature there’s almost inevitable a journal and they almost always appear like every known school shooter is reading from the same script. Ybarra is no exception.

In the first part of the released journal Ybarra talks about how he underwent mental healthcare for two and a half years and how he felt it didn’t help. Considering he went into it on day one determined that it wouldn’t help him it’s no surprise. You can’t be helped if you don’t want to be. He also talked about how he only underwent treatment because his friends and family kept urging him to. If everyone you know is telling you to get help maybe there is actually something wrong with you.

I’ll also remind the anti-pharmaceutical Luddites that Ybarra went off his meds before attacking SPU. That doesn’t matter to them anyway because they like to play both sides of the argument. If he was on meds it was because of the meds. If he went of his meds it was because of the meds. They are the living embodiment of trying to have your cake and eat it too.

Next, Ybarra talks about all the people he wanted to get revenge on for perceived slights against him and his family. None of whom, as far as I can tell went to SPU and none of them were Paul Lee, the man who Ybarra killed. Like most school shooters Ybarra is just another coward lashing out violently against people who had nothing to do with his own inadequacies and over-inflated sense of entitlement.

Then Ybarra notated about how he scouted out SPU and how everyone was so nice and helpful to him. You think that may cause someone to reconsider their actions but not Ybarra. Like most school shooters he’s just a selfish punk looking to make a name for himself.

Lastly, on the day of the shooting he writes about how he used to feel bad about the people killed during school shootings but now he’s being guided by Eric Harris And Cho Seung-Hui. Like those who came before him Ybarra is just another unoriginal loser unable to cope with the real world.

While some may think that this is a good way to make a name for themselves in a few years his name will be forgotten. We may remember the Jesse James’ of the crime world but how many outlaws were there whose names have been forgotten to history?

You can read the journal for yourself below.

Aaron Ybarra Journal Pages by KING 5 News

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  1. William Covington

    I read the report in the Seattle Times ( 19 July ) by Caitlin Cruz &amp Mike Baker, and they reveal the ‘Ybarra’ family as being like something out of ‘The Hills Have Eyes’! What a set of retards! Poor Aaron! the voices scripted him to do the shootings! He’s not to blame! He’s merely an pawn in the game the ‘voices’ directing his every thought, and God let him down too! Oh I forgot to mention all the shit he filled his body with and his diary filled with shit about the reasons for his actions. WOW!!! how about the insanity plea!! Ugh! Aaron, your diary is full of insight into your behaviour did the voices script your diary entries? or, are your diary ramblings the accumulated crap that the therapists scripted you with. Another case of a pathetic loser with a chip on his shoulder following the family tradition, and then trying to shift the burden of responsibility for his murderous rampage on to God and the voices!


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