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Not the trailer in question

I’ve had fun at the expense of people who live in trailers in the past. To be honest I’ve been in some trailers that would put a lot of homes to shame. Unfortunately this is not the case in this story and this is what tends to perpetuate the trailer park stereotype.

Recently in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, SEVEN people were arrested on child abuse charges after investigators allegedly found FIFTEEN children living in the trailer under squalid conditions. For the mathematically challenged that’s TWENTY-TWO people living in one trailer. Even if it’s a double wide that is some pretty crowded conditions.

With seven adults living in the ‘home’ you would think that they could all pitch in together and keep the place reasonably clean. You would also be wrong. According to reports the place was covered in roaches, the pre-requisite animal feces and that the kids were swimming in an above ground pool filled with algae. All 15 kids were taken into protective custody by DSS.

To perpetuate the stereotype even further there was this little tidbit within the article…

Lt. Kevin Bobo said one man’s ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend were living in the home. Investigators said one woman’s husband and ex-boyfriend were also living in the home.

The only way this situation could have been any more trailer trashy is if they also had a meth lab.

Seven people are charged with unlawful neglect of children in this case:

Cherie Rose Toney
Aaron Eugene Dodson
Andy Lee Dunbar
David Russell Hayes
Brianna Hope Henderson
Karen Lynn Dunbar
Cindy A. Cox

Thanks to Jaren for the tip.

10 thoughts on “A roach infested trailer is not a clown car

  1. wastintime says:

    All those people in one trailer?!
    The part that made me sick was the children swimming in algae!
    Blah! You just know they swallowed some of that water!


  2. wastintime says:

    And, I’m not mathematically challenged, I suffer from a number understanding deficiency syndrome.


  3. Buffettgirl says:

    WTF? I could NOT live with my ex and his current squeeze. Even though we’re the best of friends and our relationship ended 20 years ago give or take, it would hurt! Don’t get me wrong, I’m with a man I love, and we’re happy, it would still hurt! That being said, are you fucking KIDDING ME? Meth, meth or bath salts is the ONLY thing that makes any sense in this story.

    @Trench – Love the multi-level trailer park, that’s kind of awesome! 🙂


    1. I wish I could tale credit for that.


      1. AC says:

        Do people really live in that trailer park pictured or is it some wonderfully demented art project?


        1. I don’t know. Its just one of those pictures i keep seeing on the internet.


    2. Aussie Sabbath says:

      I kinda wanna live there!


      1. Angel says:

        The one in the picture, not the one in the story, right? 😀
        It does look kinda cool….a rainbow trailer condo. How have you been, Aussie?


        1. Aussie Sabbath says:

          I’ve been super busy but wanting to write again. Especially about baby Gammy and surrogacy laws.


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