Vaping will make you a cocaine addict say researchers


In a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine, a pair or researchers claim that e-cigs and vaping will make you predisposed to becoming a cocaine addict. The researchers made this bold claim after testing mice with cocaine and nicotine. They claim that the mice that were given nicotine before cocaine had more of a craving for the cocaine.

I realize I don’t have the background or education that these researchers have but this study sounds like a load of crap. I smoked for 30 years and I’ve been vaping for one. Never in my life have I snorted a line of cocaine. Granted that is anecdotal evidence however I’ve known a lot of smokers and vapers in my time who have also never tried cocaine. I’ve also known cocaine users who refused to smoke because they thought it was unhealthy but that’s another story.

Without trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist I think a lot of these studies about cigarette replacements like e-cigs are mostly scare tactics designed to get people to keep smoking. Vaping isn’t even a gateway to smoking like a lot of people claim. That would be like saying that methadone is a gateway to heroin. The majority of people only vape so they don’t have to smoke anymore.

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  1. Angel

    Vaping will get you addicted to coke? Well, that explains a lot. I’ve been doing a lot more coke since I started vaping. Instead of the 12 oz cans, I’m buying the 20 oz bottles now. I have a bottle of coke in front of me right now, in fact – half empty. No, wait a minute…the label on my bottle is blue. It’s a Pepsi. Never mind. I guess the ‘scientific community’ is simply wrong again. LOL.

  2. Leo Simikin

    You can’t vape cocaine I know I tried


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