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You know, I was going to do this long drawn out post on this but what’s the point? I’ve been over this so many times and now there’s clinical support for my assertions.

Anyway, researchers at Freie Universität Berlin conducted a study of 126 attacks against schools in 16 different countries and do you know what they found was at the root of most attacks?

The biggest surprise for the researchers was that 43 percent of the perpetrators had problems, conflicts, or unjust experiences with teachers and school representatives before they went on the school shooting spree.

And since most school shooters are narcissistic ego-maniacs in my opinion the slights from teachers were probably not even slights at all.

Now can we please stop the bullied school shooter trope? Not only is it not true it really doesn’t do anything to stop bullying.

3 thoughts on “Study says bullying not the cause of school shootings

  1. William Covington says:

    I think I’m right in commenting that when a kid is bullied at school to the extent that the kid who is being bullied decides to do something to end the bullying, the bullied kid commits suicide. Whenever a kid goes on the rampage in a school and shoots pupils and teachers I think the shooter is a lunatic maniac who simply wants to see a lot of people drop dead! In other words the shooter gets a kick out of killing people. As for teachers, some are great people, but, the teachers I experienced when I was at secondary school in the UK where violent sods who hated us schoolkids and in return we hated them! I was caned, thumped and smacked on the head and I never gave any teacher problems. When ‘Trench’ describes teachers as ‘ego maniacs’ ( quote – unquote ) I agree with him. Every teacher I ever came into contact with were twats!


    1. Jenny says:

      Trench was actually referring to the shooters as ego-maniacs and implied that the ‘offenses’ committed by the teachers were a twisted fabrication of the shooter’s narcissistic mind.

      I happen to agree. It’s par-the-course for these fools to mentally distort normal, every-day, appropriate interpersonal behaviors when what is normal and appropriate conflicts with their self gain/interest. Persecution complex is often co morbid with narcissists and abusive personalities.

      I was bullied, severely. I had many dreams like Columbine, but when it came down to action, I went towards self-destruction. Of every bullying victim I’ve known, the tendency is the same, so Trench might be on to something.


      1. William Covington says:

        I say teachers are ego maniacs! Every teacher I’ve met are on power trips.


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