Trench on the new Captain America and Thor



So last week Marvel Comics finally debuted Sam Wilson aka Falcon as the new Captain America. They even had a little fun with the non-reveal which I thought was kind of clever. While Sam has not been in action yet as Cap it looks like he’s keeping his Falcon wings. Not to be Comic Book Guy about it but I don’t like him having both the wings and the shield. It seems like that Marvel is setting him up to be a second-rate Cap. Fanboys everywhere will say “Well Steve Rogers didn’t need wings to be Captain America.” Then again unlike most fanboys I can admit when I’m wrong so he may be the greatest Cap ever but that remains to be seen.

Marvel also revealed the new female Thor, sort of. It’s still a mystery as to who she really is. Marvel kind of dropped some hints but I think that might be a red herring. The part I didn’t like was the Thor we all know and love supposedly losing his arm to Maleketh. I really hope that this isn’t akin to when Aquaman lost his hand. That’s one of the few good things the New 52 corrected.

So basically it’s still too early to say whether or not either character is a success yet and that’s a good thing not only for fans but for comics in general. It keeps us buying and reading comics but we’ll see if these are watershed moments in Marvel Comics history or just another cash grab.

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