Review of the Haus Personal Vaporizer Single Tank


I’ve talked about the Haus Personal Vaporizer before. I bring it up because I was in Wal-Mart the other day and I thought I would check out one of their tanks, or clearomizer if you will, out of curiosity. The retail price was $7.95 and you know what? It’s a pretty decent tank. It holds a ton of juice and fit on both my eGo and Itaste batteries. It feels well put together too.

Now would I recommend this to an advanced vaper who knows how to change the coils in their tanks? No. However I would definitely recommend it to beginners and it’s also convenient if you find yourself tankless at 2am and know that you can run down to your local Wally World to get one.

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  1. George Slate

    Checked one out today this exact one let me say this… im glad i talked a lady that wanted to quit smoking and referred her to a better place in town. This thing if you knock it over your ejuice is gone. First off you gotta buy the tank and battery seperate. Save money and go to your local vape store. Second off just by looking at the tank in person i could tell it was complete shit. Third i wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Vape stores sell the starter kit which comes with the tank battery snd charger for less then this. Mine was $25 dollars.

  2. Newtovapes

    Um, I just bought this one yesterday because my eGo started making a horrible burning smell and taste. I bought this to hold me over until I can get out of town to a smoke shop. It was sold for $19.99- very decent. Clearomizer, battery, USB charger and lanyard included. It draws easily, and the coil DOES come apart from the tank, so it’s pretty easy to clean. If you tip it over, you actually don’t lose your juice. The tube is absolutely spill proof. I actually like everything about it except for the wide mouthpiece. I’ve used four different brands of inexpensive vapes now, and if this one had a thinner mouthpiece, it’d be my favorite.

  3. pym

    The Haus is a long lasting Clearomizer. Good vapor production as cheap clearomizers go. Last 3 to 4 weeks. But are pricey. The atomizer is replaceable. If haus sold the replacement atomizer piece I’d just buy them. I bought some cheap generic t3s Clearmoizer clones and the atomizer from them fit the Haus., though the base didn’t


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