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Normally I like to keep my vaping business local here in North Carolina. I want to support the local vaping businesses, except this one but I digress. However I was recently given a nice e-juice discount by the fine folks at 7’s Electronic Cigarettes. I made sure that they are from the US as it’s best to make sure you’re not getting juice made from a questionable area.

Now this is not going to be an e-juice review per se because taste in e-juices are subjective. This is going to be more of a review of my experience with 7’s.

First the juice itself. I ordered 15ml of 6mg Banana flavored juice. Their retail price is $12.49. I may have passed on this because of the price since I’m currently between jobs so the discount did help a lot. The juice came in a dark blue glass bottle with the eye dropper. I’m not a fan of this kind of packaging for juice but like I said taste is subjective and I can easily put the juice in any number of clear plastic squeeze bottle I have. While I would have preferred a more bolder taste the banana e-juice was subtly sweet and satisfying. I can’t comment on throat hit because I am asthmatic and I prefer no throat hit which I was ablle to attain with the 6mg e-juice.

The best part about 7’s is their customer service. I received my e-juice in the mail in roughly the same amount of time it takes me to get my e-juice from local vendors when I order online. Not only did they send me an e-mail when my item shipped but they sent an e-mail every day letting me know how much longer my package would be. Their website is also top-notch. It’s professional looking and easy to order on it. Too many vendors have websites that look like they’re from 1998 Geocities.

So 7’s/ gets a big thumbs up and a hearty recommendation from me.

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